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Friday, March 20, 2015

Easter Kit Kat Bars

Ehhhh, what's up Doc?

Because nothing says celebration of the death and ascension of Jesus Christ quite like bunny rabbits and carrot-flavored chocolate, Nestle Japan has debuted its new Easter-based chocolate snack.

I know I could use a nice light snack after all that hammering of people onto crosses, upside down or otherwise.

Anyhow, here's the new pretender to the throne of earthly delights—a Kit Kat for all seasons, as long as that season is one of those holy season celebrated by Christians - you know, about 0.01% of all the Japanese…

... it's a Carrot-flavored Kit Kat. Or maybe it's an Apple Pie flavor with bits of carrot in it.

I'm not sure. To be honest, it doesn't look as though many others are sure either, as I have spied on many other write-ups and it's simply not clear if there are two individual flavors, or one mixed flavor in these chocolate packs. That's the problem when trying to decode Japanese and you don't speak the language (me).
The image above is ONE of the packages (as is the one at the very top, and the one just below these few paragraphs... that's three different packages.

On the BIG RED wavy banner (in the photo above - it's just below the apple pie slice being lifted away from the pan), it says in LARGE Katakana Japanese letters: 'Aparupii', which, believe it or not, is the phonetic way to pronounce the English word "Apple Pie."

Now you know why I never really learned to speak Japanese in three years.

Anyhow... the little letters directly above 'Apparupii' are the words for 'ka-ra-to' (carrot) flavor, or something pretty damn close to that.

So which is it? Apple Pie or Carrot flavor? Please let it be apple pie as the stronger flavor!    

I have no truck with either, to be honest... but Easter... when monkeying around with religion, one must be careful.

But at least the imagery isn't so stark. No one is crucifying Jews (Jesus was a Jew). No one is wearing purple. Every one is happy and not hot or cross.

Now… to be fair… despite the Easter overtones (that's us Westerners and our belief in the Easter Bunny - now THAT is sacrilegious!), Nestle Japan isn't saying that these are Easter Kit Kat bars… rather it is playing off the Japanese pronunciation of the word 'Easter'…

Okay, this bunny is wearing purple - like the priests do at Easter... thta's not kosher, man.
Nestle Japan knows that 'Easter' when phonetically spoken by the Japanese can sound similar to another Japanese phrase: 'ii sutaato', which means 'good start' in Japanese.

Two syllables for the native English speaker, four separate pieces for the Japanese… like a regular Kit Kat bar, which I wonder if it even exists in Japan anymore.

Those 'i''s in Japanese - they are pronounced like 'ee'... now pronounce ii sutaato... there you go... Eesuta... Easter... 

So… want a good start?

Nestle Japan thinks the Japanese would... after all, the month of April is coming up... and yes, what a coincidence that it's Easter and all - hence the bunny mascot... but it's also a new start for the Japanese...

Yes... the Japanese COULD celebrate Easter because of that whole nailing of someone to a cross... the Japanese did it before:

The photo above is my own taken in 1992 of the remembrance of the 23 Christian martyrs killed by the Japanese in Nagasaki in 1597. Feel free to use it, but just say was photographed by: Andrew Joseph.
But really, it's a new start for the Japanese: that's when the school year begins. It's also when the new work year (for tax purposes) occurs, so it's a new start for businesses.

I'm still not sure what the fug is going on with the carrot and apple pie flavors, but I can dig a new start. I just need a shovel to bury the body.

Try a Kit Kat Easter chocolate… or in Japanese, Ki-to-ka-to ii-su-ta-to. It's certainly a tasty (I think) mouthful.

These two new taste sensations from Nestle Japan have been available since March 16, 2015…

So… an apple pie flavor - yeah, that should be good. I've had apple pie flavored gum here in Toronto.
But carrot? If you are hoping it would be some nice fattening carrot cake flavor with icing - sorry. It is carrot-flavored.

I have no idea if that's a good thing or not? It's good if it counts towards one's daily dietary needs…

The chocolates are being sold at a price of ¥540 (about CDN $5.68) for a pack containing 12 pieces… which I assume is six pieces that can each be snapped in two.
A design stamped onto the applepie/carrot flavored Kit Kat bars.
There are apparently a total of 13 different "Easter" chocolate designs available for the Apple Pie/Carrot flavor.

A Nestle Japan spokesperson says: "We will have 13 different designs, so anybody who wants to collect all the labels may have to buy more than one packet."
Another design stamped onto the applepie/carrot flavored Kit Kat bars.
That was confusing - what labels was that spokesperson talking about? The designs ON the chocolates, or the packaging itself?

It sounds like there are 13 different versions of the package. Maybe... I do know that there are actually 13 different designs stamped onto the chocolates.

So… since there are 12 pieces in each package… you ain't going to get all the chocolate designs from one purchase! Smart, if you are Nestle Japan looking to make some extra money!

This is annoying for completionists, like myself, though I am pretty sure I won't be collecting chocolate pieces. I'll eat'em, but I won't collect'em.

Actually, I may not eat them if I can mostly taste carrot. I like carrots just fine, but not if it's going to ruin a perfectly good apple pie flavor! I luvs me some pie.

Now… supposin' you gotta catch'em all (did I just infringe on a trademark?), you should also note that on top of those 13 different chocolate designs, there is supposed to be a super rare bonus design, that appears once every 30 chocolates.

So… maybe you can find one every three packs… which isn't thaaaaat rare. I mean, unless that design is some sort of lucky charm that won't turn your skin orange if you eat too much carrot-flavored Kit Kat.

I did know a guy who turned pretty damn orange from all the carrots he ate… I think it also affected his health… so, you know… too much of a good thing. On the plus side, he had X-Ray vision. 

I wish I knew what all 13 designs there were, but perhaps if Nestle Japan was to send me some sample packages, I might write about this again with a proper physical description. 

Was that too subtle? Okay…

Nestle Japan - send me free packs of chocolate and I will write nice things about you here.

Kidding. I think.

Oh well, the pills will stem off the diabetes for now.
Andrew Joseph

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