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Monday, March 9, 2015

English Web-Site For Manga & Anime Collectors

I've rarely been inspired to commit to any one show and say - "Hey - that's MY one and only collectible series" - but I know from experience that there are certainly some hardcore collectors out there who live and die with one particular television show, manga or anime.

I have a thing for anthropomorphic ducks… but I enjoy Daffy Duck cartoons, but not the comic books; preferring Donald Duck comic books over his cartoons. And yet, despite nearly having an orgasm (someone get me towel) when I saw the two persnickety ducks playing a piano duel over Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 - my favorite classical musical piece to play on the piano - in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - at no time did I ever consider dressing up in a sailor suit showing off my ass.

Okay, that's not true… I did dress up in a sailor suit for a Gilligan's Island costume party winning first prize for my stunning rendition of the time-lost Japanese submarine sailor who refused to believe Japan had lost the war some 20 years earlier. I may indeed have dropped my trousers at some point in time during that evening - I can't remember because my glasses were all steamed up.

Anyhow… manga and anime collectors… we know you love it, but dammit, you can't read Japanese.
Well… finally someone has - about bloody time - come up with a website, just for you, and you and you (but not you).

Check out Neko Magic ( for all the English-speaking, reading Otaku out there. I know you are out there. I can hear you breathing. Inhaler time. Kidding… I'm a nerd and a geek, but also a jock and a rocker, though probably could just use a rocker nowadays. That's an old Steve Miller song isn't it? Older folks will get that paraphrased one.

So… with almost all anime figurines and statues (I think one is pose-able by yourself), and other collectibles coming from Japan to everywhere else, all of the information provided was also in Japanese.

Well… thanks to one fellow Canadian (via Hong Kong), now you English-speakers can get your fill on otaku life collectibles and the latest in related news.

Although the website does tend to focus MORE on the Japan anime figurine/statue market, it will discuss anime news at the beginning of every new anime season. I like that… it means they don't have enough time to do both, implying he/she (web creator) has a life.

Neko Magic is a pretty good website, created by Nekoyashiki Koyomi (猫屋敷 暦), but goes by the nickname GGT. 

As for the website name? I'll let GGT describe that:

Neko (猫, ねこ): is the Japanese word for the domestic cat.

Magic: the art of producing illusions as entertainment by the use of sleight of hand, deceptive devices, etc. When Neko and Magic go together, you will see some entertaining illusions produced by our lovely cats. Where are the lovely cats? You will see them really soon!

I'll take GGT's word for the lovely cats stuff, but as long as the effort is there for providing top-notch news on manga/anime collectibles market - let's hope for some cat scratch fever.

The first time I got I was just 10-years-old,
Andrew Joseph
PS: My sign off is by Ted Nugent via Cat Scratch Fever. I shouldn't have to tell you that.

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