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Friday, March 6, 2015

How I Spent Thursday Evening

I'm not going to talk about work, but we all know that work is work - the necessary evil.

So... despite spending a mere 55 minutes on the highway getting home, which in Toronto ain't bad for a mere 30-kilometer trip starting at 4PM when traffic isn't at its heaviest... I was glad to get home.

As I walk in, everyone wants to show me the basement, with my wife exclaiming "thank goodness the cat's alive."

All I know is that I don't want to see the basement, and I want to go back to work.

Anyhow... the basement is a mess... the three bookcases holding a large swathe of books (surprise!), comic books in hardcover format or oversized-formats, my Big Little Book collection, art books, and my JUST organized sports card collection, including BOXES of unopened wax packs from the 1980s and early 1990s... they are spread out all over the floor, as the bookcases have come away from the wall and spilled forward.

Tens of thousands of dollars of stuff is tsunamied over my floor.

Apparently my neighbor is having is house redone, and the guys doing the work had some heavy equipment that shook the hell out of my house, causing the bookcases to shed they wall anchors and come tumbling down.

I couldn't bear to take a photo of it while it was down... I didn't want to delay too long in case things became further damaged from ... ugh... bending.

Just a few of the larger books and sheet music now stored beside the washing machine - yeah, I used to tech piano and clarinet. At least the Cerebus portfolio was still sealed and unharmed. I wonder if that is worth anything? You can see some of the damaged book bindings down at the bottom of the pile. The box on the left that says "Cat" is not the cat everyone was concerned about.
Many of the large books I had had covers ripped away as they spilled out. One set of 1894 encyclopedias on Famous Men & Women had four covers taken out...

Of the comic books - no damage. The sportscards... I had several of my previously unopened boxes now open with individual packs spread around, but no real damage except to some future buyer, I suppose.

I spent the next two hours cleaning up, and finding room for things until I can figure out how to better anchor the cases...

The table actually help stop the shelves from taking out the trainset table not seen on the right, which would have been horrible seeing as how it is holding multiple Japan-relates LEGO dioramas I have built and shown here in this blog. The white book case was a separate section that sat upon the case on the right - you can see where it was anchored... An d yes, I am propping up the book cases with books...  See... the cat's okay.
The photo at the top: You can see a few of the binders of sportscards and a binder or two of coins sitting atop our small freezer -  probably means leftovers tomorrow night, too.

My ill luck continued, later as my hockey team lost and I had leftover tuna casserold for dinner. Yeah, I spelled it correctly.

As well, in order to pick up everything, including a lot of pottery shards from stuff from India and China (the Japanese items all survived, miraculously), I had to spend a lot of time on my hands and knees, which enflames my poor torn meniscus in my knee...

At least the cat survived, and all the other non-book things. Sigh.

And I still have to go into work on Friday.

Andrew Joseph

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