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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Noboko And Andrew: Ate

Last night was fun... my good-bye party hosted by the Ohtawara International Friendship Association.

Three years in Japan as an assistant English teacher are about to come to a close.

The problem, such as it is, is that I have a Japanese girlfriend.

My plan was to continue my relationship with Noboko no matter what, and though she seems to be afraid to commit completely owing to the fact that her and the gaijin (little ol foreign me) would upset her father's plan for world domination in the educational system of the prefecture.

Yes, apparently, her dating or (yuck) marrying a foreigner would harm his career opportunities. She did not want to upset her father again.

She had previously nixed a wedding proposal with some poor Japanese dude, plus, she was now over the age of 25, and thus was considered to be an old maid in Japan.

I know… Japan is fugged up.

As a result, Japan has also fudged ME up.

My plan, however, is to return to Japan in a month or two. I currently have eight days left.

Today is Wednesday, July 14, 1993

While many of my past evenings have been spent saying good bye to different groups and people, not tonight.

However, I do have my final evening adult English class to teach - something I do on the side from my regular JET duties. I've been doing it for 35 months, and have hated it and loved it.

My class is mostly older folks who don't study English, but I think more than anything enjoy hanging out and listening to me stumble over my crappy teaching methods.

There were a few middle-aged women who were actually quite good with their English and probably should have been in Matthew's advanced English class, but, without sounding like a dick to Matthew, I think they just liked me a little more and weren't as interested in learning English as they were in basking in my gaijin glow.

Over the years, there were a couple of early 20s Japanese women… and each, I think, also was there because of me… but only one did I want to date—Shoko—but I didn't have that confidence in myself with Japanese women at that juncture.

Besides… despite everyone being an adult… could I date a student? is that okay? I never found out.

I am NOT very good at teaching these people… these beginners. But that's okay… I like them all very much, and they me.

Tonight, I would much rather be hanging out at my apartment with Noboko, however. Not just for the sex, though the sex is fun and very good - no… we're in love with each other, so simply being in the same room… a simple touch… a glance… it feeds our soul. It feeds my soul, anyhow… I guess I shouldn't expect it to be the same for her. I'm guessing that it is.

I mean… who the hell would say that to another person? "Noboko, when I am with you, my soul is sated."

It sounds either barfy or very romantic. I never thought to say it, however… I just felt it.

My class would be over at 9PM, and with luck, I'd be home by 9:15… Noboko would be there… it was not stated, but that's where she would be.

Noboko had taken to spending all her time with me after work, even sleeping over - a real f-you to her father… even though she was still, apparently, going to acquiesce to his wishes... 

Anyhow… me coming back in a couple of months… it was to show everyone involved that I wasn't going away (from Noboko's life) anytime soon.

Class was, as usual, frustrating… but during the break, the women broke out some food—something they did every week for Matthew and us and our respective classes… but several of the women asked if he (Matthew) and I could stay a little longer after class for photos and chatting and more food.

What the hell… three years… we've been a part of each other's life.

Also… with Matthew busy with wedding plans with Takako, and me with whatever plans I have with Noboko, he and I never get to hang out much lately. And… I treasure the few moments we have left in Japan… but I don't want to tell anyone that… I'm no drama queen. Shut-up.

When class was finally over, I thanked everyone for coming every week despite me being a lousy teacher, but at least we all got a chance to meet one another and… then more food came out… and before you know it, it was almost 10PM…


Seriously… can you tell that all I have on my mind is her?

It's all about the Noboko.

Saying my fond farewells, I hop on my extremely large bicycle (compared to standard Japanese bicycles - mine was cobbled together from other bikes to make my Frankenstein two-wheeler, that was painted a metallic blue to hide the scars. I had two flat tires in three years - and it was a wonderful bike.

As of 2015, I haven't ridden a bicycle since 1993… which is weird, you known because even before riding a bike every day in Japan, I was the type of goof who would do controlled wheelies down excessively long stairs cut into hillsides. Now? Now I'm pretty sure I'd have my legs splayed like Kermit the Frog (Hi-ho!) or an old Japanese man (Oji-san).

Riding into the covered bicycle parking area of my apartment, the warm glow behind my curtains indicates someone sexy has broken in with that key I was given back by Ashley a year earlier.

Re-using a key once owned by a girlfriend to give to your fiance is not cheap… it's a piece of metal… not the real key to my heart.

As I lock the bike, and ensure I catch a glimpse of her red toy car that seemingly has no problem in being allowed to park overnight in the three-car lot visitor's section (one would require the building superintendent's permission - but how did she get that without revealing her secret?), I lope up the stairs two at a time to the third floor, and walk very quickly along the outside walkway to my apartment (#307) on the wing of Zuiko Haitsu in Ohtawara-shi, the door swings out to suck me in with the scent of a home-cooked dinner.

As the door slams shut behind me, and I slide out of my outside dress shoes, Noboko is wearing a cooking apron looking all June Cleaver (from the 1950s program Leave It To Beaver)… except she's not wearing anything else under the apron looking all Seka (from the 1970s Swedish Erotica adult videos).
World's Best TV Mom. June Cleaver here taking care of her son, Beaver on the left.

Because a different type of beaver was involved, I can not show you any of the covers to the old Swedish Erotica porno movies of the 1970s or 1980s. Ahhh, puberty.
While I am extremely sad to be leaving Japan in less than eight days now, I am enjoying every bloody second of it right now.

Believe it or not, Noboko made me eat dinner first before dessert.

Think severe indigestion from eating too quickly.

Noboko was many things, but she was not the best cook in the world.

She once told me: "I like my cooking" implying that whatever I thought didn't really matter.

That was when we first started going out months ago… but now… for whatever reason, whatever she serves me tastes sooooo much better. I also enjoy drinking her Kool-Aid.

Andrew Joseph

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