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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shiseido To Open Duty-free Shop At Narita Airport

No… Shiseido and I do not have any sort of side deal going - they just keep sending me press releases that I sometimes find interesting, and hope you will, too.

Shiseido, through its subsidiary The Ginza Co., Ltd., will open a duty-free store at the new  Terminal 3 at Narita International Airport that itself only started operations on Wednesday, April 8, 2015.

Not yet in place, the Shiseido store will be located in the second-floor duty-free zone, Fa-So-La DUTY FREE, of the new terminal building, which has been built to serve low-cost carriers (LCCs).

Shiseido is establishing the store to enhance its travel retail (TR) business—which means it sees a great opportunity to make a few extra Yen— which is expanding along with the increase in the number of tourists visiting Japan, with the goal of increasing contact with consumers primarily from Asian countries.

Current situation of TR in Japan
TR, which refers to duty-free business at airports and other locations, is growing in line with the expansion of international travel demand. In 2014, Japan received more than 13 million foreign tourists, a record high, due to the depreciation of the yen and inauguration of LCC services.

Shiseido’s TR business in Japan, which consists of 43 stores at 23 airports, is run by its subsidiary, The Ginza Co., Ltd. Because the scope of duty-free items was expanded in 2014 to include cosmetics and the number of inbound tourists has also increased, sales at these stores are rising, up 40 per cent* year on year, and Shiseido claims the No. 1 in-store share* of cosmetics sales.

Shiseido already operates a total of eight stores at Terminals 1 and 2 of Narita Airport. Sales at the five stores located at Terminal 1 and the three stores at Terminal 2 increased by 20%* and 40%*, respectively, year on year.

Shiseido’s new store at the Terminal 3 building is to be located opposite Passport Control: travelers will see the store in front of them as soon as they pass through. Taking advantage of this position, the store has enhanced space for promotions and will stock items available only at the airport.

Outline of Shiseido’s duty-free store
1. Location: In the duty-free zone known as Fa-So-La DUTY FREE, second floor, Terminal 3, Narita International Airport
2. Shop floor size: 19.5 m2
3. Opening date: Wednesday, April 8, 2015
4. Brands offered: A total of 24 brands, including global brands SHISEIDO and ELIXIR
5. Features:
  • Seasonal promotions and sales promotions of new products;
  • Section for items that are available exclusively at the airport;
  • Limited-edition souvenir assortments that are popular among tourists
Headquartered in Tokyo, The Ginza Co., Ltd.'s main business is cosmetics: development, planning, retail and wholesale of original cosmetics; retail and wholesale of the import brand, Serge Lutens; retail of Shiseido cosmetics at directly managed stores and airport duty-free stores.It also participates in the cotton business: development, planning and retail of facial cotton products.

* Survey by The Ginza Co., Ltd. during the period between October 2014 and February 2015.

If you ever find yourself at Terminal 3 of Narita Airport one day soon, stop by the Shiseido duty-free shop and tell'em Andrew Joseph sent you - and watch the confused look on their face. You can't buy that sort of fun!

Andrew Joseph

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  1. Actually it would be at the price of a plan ticket.