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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beware of Strangers In This Van

I found this over at - a site you should all check out for a few laughs, as it features photos submitted by normal folk, with social commentary provided by weird folk who only seem normal in their day-to-day lives.

If you are looking at that photo above, there really is nothing to say… but since this is my blog, I better try. 

You know I like Japan and had a rocking good time teaching junior high school English in s small city…

You know I screwed more women than a guy like me has any right to screw…

You know I have some amazing adventures, some sober, some not…

You know I have visited some interesting places and shard those adventures with you…

You know all this, but let's not forget… that sometimes Japan is frisking' weird.

I'm unsure what allows some people to assume that poor taste is okay, but… that's Japan.

Americans can shut up about this photo, because I believe you guys have some sort of document that entitles freedom of expression et al

All I can say, is that the photo of this van reinforces the adage to always beware of strangers in vans calling out to you kiddies.

Despite the female looking all happy and… well… horny… we can assume that inside the van dubious goings-on are being plotted…

Even I… a guy who has probably slept with your older sister and your mother would not want to meet the woman that would enter this vehicle… I might shout out a warning to her that we'll like never see her again, but surely no woman would willingly enter such a shaggin' wagon.

I guess the point is, that if you are driving around with this image on your van - you ain't expecting to meet any woman not involved in the special victims crime unit.

If the van is a rocking', don't come a knocking'… unless you brought extra duct tape, a flare gun, cake mix and LEGO Ninjago set - you know which one.

On the plus side, the young anime character is wearing panties… though they do appear to be see-through (or wet)… but the artist has at least had a modicum of decency and applied the license plate in an appropriate location.

I can only imagine what the license plate 'number' reads… something personalized to sound like… man co… or certainly spelled that way.

It's also interesting that only the BACK door of the van is done up in graphics…

Now… I've made fun of the fact that this is a 'rape' van… but you'll notice that there are windows all over the sides! So… unless he wants people to watch, then I can only assume this is just someone expressing themselves.

The question one needs to ask, however, is: what the hell are the expressing?

The point isn't really if the image is in good taste or not… but what point are you trying to make?

Look at me?

We are… but it wouldn't be with curiosity… it might be with disgust or hate… is that what you want?

If so, I think we have a candidate for some psychobabble therapy.

Of note also, is that it's a White van… white is still the most popular color for vehicles in Japan.

When I asked why that was - some 25 years ago - I was told that white is considered a pure or sacred color, and that everyone wants to be 'pure'.

So… again… wanting to be pure, afraid the Lolita complex might actually rear its ugly head, so he paints a graphic image call for help.

That's my take on it all.

Every picture tells a story… only writer's do it better. Do what? Exactly.

Andrew Joseph


  1. See, my first thought if I came across that van would simply be "major itasha fail" and I'd move on with no more thought than that. haha I suppose that is proof I've been in Japan too long.

    The preference for white over black in Japan that you mention is far more interesting to me. I first became aware of that when I noticed that white iPhones are more popular than black, the reverse of America. I've been told similar, than white is pure and so a better color. I've also been told by more than one Japanese that we can easily see this Japanese preference for white in how they place white first when they mention the two colors (shirokuro) where as we place black first in English (black and white).

    1. Hi David - They really say shiro and the kuro or whatever the words are for white & black? not black and white?
      Brilliant! I never noticed that before, or if it was said around me, I sure didn't understand its significance!

      I appreciate you reading through the blog - i was just going to post a pic and leave it at that... but you know me... I can't not inject my own thoughts.
      I love the PJs you have on in your avatar photo. Very... black.