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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fukushima Residents Go Home in 2017?

Japan is aglow with news residents can go home to Fukushima, hopefully by 2017.

It's actually just a proposition, but Japan Prime Minister Abe Shinzo (surname first) says he wants to lift the evacuation order that, back in March of 2011 was imposed on the people of Fukushima after a 9.0 Magnitude earthquake triggered a massive series of tsunami that essentially took out the Dai-ichi nuclear power generating facility in the province causing radiation spillages and leaks.

The  main problem with Abe's proposal is that this lifting of the evacuation order may not be for two more years.

Claiming that lifting the order will help speed up the reconstruction in the area, it's still at least two more years - 2017… some six years after it all began.

That's six years with no place to call your home…

Six years of uncertainty…

Six years of everyone's life thrown into chaos.

Look… I'm not saying it's not something that needed to be done. It did. People needed to be forced out of their homes away from possible radiation contamination or poisoning.

And no one is saying there are any quick fixes to resolving the radiation concerns in the area and rebuilding the homes…

But I question WHY? As in WHY anyone wants to go back?

What business opportunities exist there?

Let's suppose you are a farmer… what about the animals or vegetables or fruits or grains you might have once farmed?

What if you were a businessman? Will that be awaiting you upon return?

What about the small business people… the restaurants, shops… grocery stores… what's the incentive to go back?

Have people been holding their collective breath for four years now - six eventually - to go back and essentially start again?

Surely people have already tried to move on with their life… especially their work life?

Okay, the kids will have schools… and perhaps they can find teachers… there's always graduates ready to start teaching…

And this is assuming that there is no safety issue.

What about the quality of life?

Yes, it will be better than living in so-called temporary accommodations… but is it?

Forget about the bodies of the people… what about the emotional well-being of them… of their soul, if you believe in such things?

There are , and are going to be, a lot of fugged up people unable to cope with what life has thrown at them.

I can barely cope with what life has thrown up on me, and it's NOTHING compared to what anyone has had to go through in this or other disaster situation. NOTHING.

Does everyone have to keep up the stoic Japanese myth that "everything is fine"?

Although thousands of residents from within that evacuation zone are still struggling, various governments are still bitching about who (whom?) should take on the responsibilities.

Although federally, the country itself is very much responsible for helping out financially during a disaster and rebuild, the Abe government is pressing those local governments within the disaster zone to spend more of its own money to help out.

Sure… why wouldn't they?

Except… for the past four years, it's not like ant of those local Fukushima governments were taking any money from its citizens… Are those people STILL in a position of being elected officials?

I can only assume that Prefecturally, money has been passed along…

There's no easy solution to any sort of disaster relief.

I still wonder that even if you build it, will they come?

Andrew Joseph

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  1. Why would they? Because it's home. Look at the rest of Japan - every major city bombed out or burnt to ashes in the war but still they rebuilt. Same for Germany and France and Russia and countless other places ravaged by war and natural and man made disasters.

    There's nothing wrong with southern Ontario but once you get away from the flat farmland and up into granite and cedars of the Lanark highlands - that says home to me - it just feels right in a way that Toronto doesn't.