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Friday, May 15, 2015

The Japanese Game Show

Where do we start? How about with just a couple of examples... 

The Japanese game show that most of us are familiar with, involves a wee bit of torture and a whole lot of fun… or is it the other way around? Probably.

The Simpson's have done a wicked parody of it years ago when Homer and the gang go on a Japanese game show to win tickets back to Springfield, USA, only to face beatings and near-death experiences with a 'volcano'.

On my favorite TV show, Supernatural, the boys are placed in a Japanese game show called Nutcracker, where every incorrect answer - asked of them on Japanese without translation! - earns a large smash in the nuts.

Then there was the real stuff… like HERE, where an unwittingly contestant was forced to live in an apartment and try and win enough magazine contests to get out… of yeah… and to earn food… real contests… all the while being secretly filmed like in the movie The Truman Show. While amusing, it's actually quite tragic.

And then we have these two beauts from the stoic Japanese:

First up…

Two Girls - One Cockroach
In this competition from Akbingo, two pretty young Japanese women are playing a dangerous game of don't swallow the cockroach.
A cockroach—I assume it's dead or extremely lethargic—is placed within a large, clear plastic tube.

On either end are openings with one hot chickie pie placed on each end of the tube.

They then have to wrap their lips around the tube and blow… blow hard… and blow often, trying to make the comatose cockroach fly through the tube into the other's mouth.

I'm unsure if I am completely turned on or disgusted. All I know, however, is that I don't want to kiss the loser.

Here's our next contestant on the Japanese are fugged…

Let's just call this one:

Third Date Prep
Once again, we have a bunch of very hot Japanese women dressed in nice skimpy short skirts.

… okay… I'm intrigued…I really think the woman in the topmost photo is quite exhilarating. I must like her bangs.  

The goal of this game show competition is to sit upon the taiku stretcher - the physique or body stretcher, and depending on what the wheel of fortune says (the spinner says seven rotations of the leg spreader), their legs get spread wide a certain distance… and then there's more stretching… and more stretching, until you finally have to tap out and be considered the loser.

Loser yes… but strangely enough,  don't there is a loser.

I am unsure why such stretching of the legs would ever be necessary unless one is straddling a hippo, but I can see the titillation involved, even if I couldn't see any flashes of panties.

Hey - I was just checking out the level of depravity on Japanese television. Call me a watch dog. Woof.


I assume that this sort of 'game' is just utilized by cheerleaders, gymnasts, first basemen or complete sex machines, and being a complicated guy (and no one understands him but his woman), I can see why every guy wants one for his woman, despite the impracticality of few of us being as wide as a hippo.   

Now… was this a game created by a man? Maybe… probably... however, the host, participants, and even the audience all appeared to be female… and of the very hot variety. But… I bet this was done for a male TV audience.

It's so fugged up, but, like any good car wreck, you just can't look away.

Lest anyone think this is all Japan has to offer, re: inane party games or game shows, it is not.I'm sure there are 10s if not 100s of wacky Japanese game shows around.

Feel free to send me in your suggestions, and we'll (It's just me here) will try and showcase it for all our other readers - with a credit to you, if you want it.

As my friend Julien suggests, I would love to have a job sitting down and designing stupid Japanese game shows. In fact... I've got an idea forming in the back of my brain...

Andrew Joseph

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