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Monday, May 18, 2015

What's A Blog To Do?

When I first began this blog - it was autobiographical with a few comedy pieces written by my self... it was a way to publish the initial 90+ Rife columns I had written in Japan, plus the other 25 or so mini pieces related to Japan... anyhow, for every autobiographical piece, you will find a Rock And Roll headline.

The problem is, you have to know that a headline could also be a rock song... what if you don't know the song Rubberball? How would you know to read it?

To rectify this situation… and perhaps to air out the oldies (I used to get 400 hits a month and think I was blessed. That would be a very good hour, nowadays), I'm going to go back - one of these days (Pink Floyd) - into the individual blogs and adjust the headlines to something more appropriate.   

I mean… that first blog was a paraphrased: House Of The Rising Son…

For me, I get the joke… and hoped it would be apparent to all after reading the words… but while I'm sure many of you did get it, I wasn't initially aware that much of my readership is situated in countries other than those where English is the primary language.

But look… House of the Rising Son… me being the son my father was trying to convince me to go to Japan… he woke me up early… the sun wasn't out yet to drive me to the airport… Japan is the land of the rising sun… title is a song by The Animals… the whole concept of the song is about gambling… which, as you can see from the current story arc… I am doing quite a bit of…

For example:

Andrew: Year One, or
Andrew: Tales Of The Far East Side, or
Andrew, The Early Days
Everybody Loves Andrew
Andrew And Ashley…
Tatami Burns And Other Tales

But what do I do when I have stuff that is still autobiographical, but doesn't involve Ashley…

What about Year 2:
Andrew: Year Two
The Awakening Of A
or do I separate them by women:
Andrew And Junko
Andrew And whomever
Everybody Tolerates Andrew
Again, what if it's a story about me and a friend?

Year Three:
Sleazy Rider
Everybody Surprised Andrew Is Still Here
Andrew: Get On Up
You Can't Make Me Go!
Tales From The Queen-Sized?

You can tell, none of my flippant ideas are any good. I'm not very good at being creative when I sit and think about stuff... it's only when I'm 'off-the-cuff' that I'm good.

I've been asked why I am not doing stand-up comedy, and besides not thinking I'm funny enough, and am actually shy, having to plot out a routine saps the energy from any bit I could create.

That's why there are so many mistakes in my work... if I re-read it and re-read it, I'll edit it to death. Thank goodness others have non-volunteered their help. They didn't really volunteer, and can stop any time they wish. But I appreciate it!

So... Year Three... 

Granted Year Three was when Noboko came aboard for better or for worse…

But since the stuff between her and I really gives you a good look at gaijin culture and Japanese   culture… I'd keep it as Noboko and Andrew: blah-blah-blah… maybe it needs a Part 1, Part 2 added to it?

What about the stuff when I'm in Toronto before I left for Japan… or during my vacation home after Year 2, or after JET… or after my second trip to Japan… or…

And… what the hell do I write about afterwards?

Rules tell me, that Year One should be spelled out as opposed to Year 1, even though the later LOOKS cleaner…

The only reason I am doing this is to make the search easier for people looking for things. Or, should I just chalk it up to not knowing what I was doing in the beginning… don't ask me why, but I care about you dear readers!

I fear you know me better than I know you. You sir, have me at a disadvantage! Ha-ha!

Or, status quo and just say screw it all and hope you read every damn blog from the beginning to end like I know three people have, one of whom is me? 

Advice appreciated…

Andrew Joseph


  1. When I first started my hobby blog I called it Jack of all hobbies--thinking that people would get it. Instead, they just called me Jack. Sometimes subtlety just doesn't work.
    And you're right, things on blogger have slowed down--they haven't updated their recommended blogs in a couple of years. I switched to Wordpress because they seemed better able to promote within their community--but then I had to sacrifice advertising revenue (which wasn't much anyway).
    Good luck relabeling your posts. I am not sure it is a must, but there should definitely be more promotion within blogger. When I click on Next blog--I never get what I am looking for--and usually it is in a language I can't understand.

    1. I still think your blog name is great! Yeah - when I click on next blog, I get blogs put up by families having a wonderful life... not related AT ALL. LOL!
      I have my Pioneers of Aviation blog on Word Press. Both blog templates are easy to handle. But... switching... did you lose people? Did you bring everything over? Or, did you start it anew?

  2. I began JapanDave around 2007. It wasn't until 2010 that I switched the focus to a photo blog and started publishing a photo (mostly) every day or so. Those early posts were a mess, mostly just rambling, a lot of inside jokes, and so on. I mostly let them lie where they are. I don't delete them because they still get traffic and I am a little hesitant to completely delete posts, but I don't do anything with them. Except, when I notice any one of them is getting decent traffic (sometimes those old posts get spikes in traffic for some reason) I go back and more or less re-write the entire post, clearing up spelling, bad jokes, and the like, and then link to it on my main page (a link post à la Daring Fireball) in order to expose the old post to current readers. My early photo posts are also pretty badly done, so it is mostly the same thing.

    I don't spend a lot of time on this, mind you. I'd rather be focusing on making new content rather than cleaning up old, but still, the OCD part of me must be appeased... I try to limit it to fixing just 1-2 old posts a week.