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Monday, June 22, 2015

Apparently I'm A Self-Absorbed Boob-loving Writer

Having wasted part of my day (Sunday) rebutting some commenter who thinks I am an idiot regarding my views about WHY I think the Japanese should teach about WW2 in its education curriculum... that I should have actually talked to people in Japan to get a real opinion on things... wow... I should have thought of that (sarcasm) - I am today not writing about the topic I wanted to write about.

I'm vexed. A ticked off me knows enough not to bother writing about facts, so let's instead write about opinions.

Anyhow... as you should note, Japan doesn't officially teach its grade school kids much about WW2... something that irks the non-Japanese, as they see the whole non-education thing as Japan not fully acknowledging its warring deeds in the 1930s thru 1945.

The commenter actually bitched about me editorializing here in MY blog - that is just plain stupid. It's a blog. It's not a freaking text book. Go read one... and then discuss amongst yourselves WHY Japan doesn't teach about its appearance in the most recent global war.

I don't know. Neither do you. Anything you can come up with is plain old conjecture. It's a guess. It's based on opinion and some fact. But, it's only ever going to be an opinion. It doesn't mean you are correct, however.

That's what we do here in the blogosphere. We editorialize. We create food for thought... some do that better than others. It's not my strong suit - but whatever. I prefer facts.

But facts have a nasty way or remaining elusive even when the correct questions are asked.

The commenter assumes that I am an idiot because I tend to populate this blog so often with articles discussing boobs.

Wow... really? I like boobs as much as the next heterosexual man or lesbian, but aside from writing about sex et al maybe 25 times out of the 2,800+ blog entries I've created... well... despite the well-written critique, apparently the commenter doesn't like to read as much as he thinks, and believes he knows best because the eyes don't lie.

People... I suppose I could delete the whole "Popular Blog entry" stuff over on the right... but it wouldn't make a difference. Despite only 80 followers - most of whom I doubt read what I write - most of the people who visit this blog do so because they spotted it during a Google search.

I know this because I can see via the analytics provided by, that some 1,200 hits a day are through various Google outlets around the world... and I know what search words are being typed in and I know what articles they choose to view.

If I wanted more hits, I would write about a Japanese adult video star every day - complete with copulating photos. And yet I don't. Why? Don't answer that... I must be self-absorbed.

Please note there is nothing pornographic on any of those 25 blog entries, despite the topics covered.

I have apparently given the thousand-plus people who visit this blog everyday something they wanted to read about. Would I prefer it if they read a historical document on the auto industry of Japan - sure... but it is what it is... and that's my opinion... neither right nor wrong... it's my opinion. I'm still glad I have presented something some people find interesting or useful or even entertaining.

Anyhow... while I go gargle that horrible taste of bile from my throat, I hope you all had a good Father's Day. Apparently my son thought it was two weeks ago, and the missus had no clue, so I got a breakfast two Sundays ago of eggs and beans and bacon. Mmmm... Father's Day bacon.

Tomorrow... I'll try and find out more data regarding a particular Japanese POW (prisoner-of-war) camp that intrigued me when I cam across it two days ago...

Andrew Joseph


  1. I know you - you aren't a boob man...

  2. Hi! Sorry that happened to you. Some people can be real jerks. Have a nice day. Oh, and I enjoyed the humor toward the end of your article.

    1. My dear Cassandra... thank-you. :) You made my week!

  3. Back in the 80's in a Canadian high school we did two weeks as part of a modern history class. Even then it was focused on Europe and not the Pacific.

    I have my own opinions on why the Japanese don't teach about WWII. In short they got and continued to get a raw deal from other nations whose records are equally as unpleasant *cough* China *cough*. Canada is still trying to come to grips with its history of residential school abuse including human medical trials and we're one of the nice guys. I see no reason to hold Japan to a higher standard than the rest of the world.

    1. Oh and in general, the world would be a better place with more boobs and less bombs. (and all that cross cultural understanding stuff in the rest of your posts)

    2. Thanks Pat... I will say that since Japan wants to be taken as one of the good guys of the world (more so than China - in my opinion), Japan needs to act better. Of course I would be completely naive to think that there is no country out there that hasn't undertaken some dubious activity. That Canadian school stuff against the Bands is shocking... not shocking that it happened, but shocking that it is ONLY now coming to light. I expect every country to have tales like that. I really do.
      But... because I want Japan to appear better in the global eye, I want them to come to grips with their own mortality during WW2... Germany has, and I applaud them for recognizing that its past wasn't very civil - regardless of the means to an end.
      The main problem now, is that it's almost too late for Japan to get with the program.
      But yeah... I hear ya... my high school NEVER taught anything about WW2 as we would always spend too much time on the War of 1812 or Confederation and on Flanders Field poetry... everything I know about the war comes from horrifying books my parents left around when I was a child - me spying images of those Nazi ovens at the camps... I always anted to know WHAT could make a human being do that to another human being. I have the same fascination for murders and serial killers... how do people do the evil we do?
      Now that the truth has been exposed - how do you make proper reparation? Official gov't apologies, monies... but it's stuff that shouldn't be buried. It doesn't need to be hidden or avoided, but perhaps at least spend a week discussing WW2 should be mandatory in Japan... you don't have to discuss all the evilness, but at least teach it and discuss Japanese superior plans to conquer Asia... discuss the main reasons or people involved... mention the fanaticism of the kamakazi - not reveling it, but explaining it... discuss the atomic bombs and its aftermath... discuss American occupation and the Constitution... and discuss why all of that helped make Japan the 'respected' nation it is today.
      Of course... maybe that would just create more hawks with the mindset to 'fix' the embarrassment of the loss...
      To me, it's not a real big deal, but it is important.
      Pat - thanks for reading!