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Monday, June 1, 2015

Earthquakes Shake Me Up

It might seem weird, but this blog today, yesterday's, and the day before's all revolve around earthquakes.

It was the blog about a charity event, yesterdays about the big 8.5 non-damaging earthquake that shook Japan on Saturday... and today's.... and only Friday's was planned.

I wrote about the earthquake on Saturday (for the Sunday blog) after I heard about it.

And now this... I saw San Andreas, the movie on Sunday.

I ad not planned on it... I wanted to see Tomorrowland, but the boy - Hudson - wanted to see San Andreas. So the whole family did.

San Andreas - see it. Yeah, the dialogue is awkward, and predictable... but the effects of watching a big California earthquake - in 3D - were spectacular.

Admittedly, I did cry throughout the damn movie... not bloody sure why... but watching the events unfold, it made me think of the Japanese people who lost their life on March 11, 2011, as well as those who lost their life on January 17, 1995 in the big Kobe earthquake.

Kobe especially...

I made plenty of acquaintances while I was in Japan... I can't call everyone I met briefly a friend, no matter how well they treated me... but I really liked Kobe... and did make the acquaintance of a few individuals there - even getting an invite to a home for a shabu-shabu dinner (my first in Japan)... in one of those damn apartment buildings that collapsed a couple of years after I was there...

I really don't know if they lived or died - and yet, every time the earth shakes in Japan, I think of them and wonder.

And so it was, watching San Andreas.

I can't even begin to examine the horrors anyone feels when buildings fall down or tsunami hit (regardless of the country)... all I know is that the two minor quakes I was in while IN Japan scared the crap out of me.

I want to know what it felt like... I guess because I'm a curious cat... because I do want to tell you what it was like... but I'm lucky enough to not have had such an experience.

I'll tell you, however, that earthquakes... when the earth moves... there's this complete feeling of helplessness... that no matter how nice a person you were or how big an a$$hole you were... the earth doesn't care and will take whomever is in its way.

On a few occasions, I stayed in the highrise apartments of acquaintances in Tokyo and I was freaked out watching the lights swing every 30 minutes or so as tiny tremblers made the buildings sway. Earthquake-proof or not, it was disconcerting.

How can people live in a place that could be swallowed up by the earth?

And so...I bring this back to Friday's blog... Taylor Anderson... a JET participant who went to Japan because - well... honestly I have no idea WHY she went to Japan, except that I am sure she wanted to (I'm the only odd ball who didn't want to go to Japan, but did anyways).... anyway... she died on March 11, 2011 after the big earthquake.

I won't pretend to believe she died doing what she was doing, so that's better... that would be ignorant of me.

I refuse to find out more about her or the other JET person who died that day. I want to know all about them, but in this case, it just seems like crass capitalizing, and so I won't even look for more information.

All I can say is, if you are in the Washington DC area in a week's time, and can afford the donation, go check out THIS event.

Everyone should go see San Andreas... except for you people in Japan or California.

It's an effing good movie, but that's because I don't live in a hot spot like that...

I wouldn't wish that sort of .... lifestyle???... on anyone.

Busy day on Sunday and Monday coming up... I'll be back to normal soon...

Andrew Joseph

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