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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hi-Speed Shinkansen Train Cleaning Video

Here's something you don't see everyday…

Check out the work the typical clean-up crew performs on a Japanese shinkansen bullet train… in just seven minutes.

Of course, the film is sped up because the film crew producer knows we all have a short attention span.

‪7-Minute Miracle/7分間の奇跡‬

What isn't clear, is just how often these trains are cleaned, but I assume it is done at every terminus station.  

Now… having seen that awesome cleaning job, do you ever wonder why something can't be done about the pee and vomit smell in your local subway system?

Maybe it doesn't need to be cleaned at each terminus… or even at the end of each work day, but perhaps it could at least be done every week.

Month? Year?

See that image at the top of the article? That's the cleaning crew from the Tessei company lining up after cleaning the train to bow to the station... I assume it's a bow to the passengers waiting to board the vehicle - a respectful bow of apology for the delay. But that's a guess on my part.

Andrew Joseph

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