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Friday, June 26, 2015

Japan's Growing Virgin Population

This is not about sustainability and virgin wood, though I suppose, if you think as I do, it is.

It should not come as a surprise to followers of Japanese trends, but Japan has idled itself into a lackluster performance of population growth... a negative growth, actually, that obviously comes down to a lack of sexual reproduction.

Of course, other reasons for the negative population growth can be heaped upon Japan's archaic immigration policies that make it nigh impossible or unappealing for people to become or want to become Japanese citizens.

With a lack of sexual reproduction, IE: Japanese married folks aren't having enough kids… it can be broken down further.

Japanese folks are maintaining their virginity. With one's virginity intact, whether by choice or circumstance, that's another player removed from the field of possible sexual repercussions - ie child birth and rearing...  

(We'll assume there is some consummation for those married, so we are talking about the not-so-wild unmarried youth not sowing their wild rice or oats or whatever they say in Japan.)

Now… I was nearly 26-years-old when I arrived in Japan as a virgin back in 1990 - not by choice, let me tell you, but by meekness borne out by being a geek and a nerd before it was cool. It is cool now isn't it?

Anyhow… sleeping with a few willing and very able female JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme participants (the male JETS immediately gravitated to the Japanese) and then graduating to the womanly locals, it gave me the confidence to continue my pillaging when I arrived back in the village of Toronto three-plus years later.

Perhaps I was successful because I wanted to be successful… unlike the current failing crop of Japanese young men and women. Perhaps... perhaps not.

Where once Japanese women had no issue with my issue, nowadays having sex with men prior to marriage is no longer something they seek out.

While premarital sex was never something that was socially acceptable (in the public discussion), (privately) it was certainly being performed by everyone who could have sex…

Sex hotels were running an amazing business in the 1980s and '90s, cash-wise, with every place offering standard overnight rates or the classic one or two-hour 'stay' rates for that all important sexual tryst with your significant other (who may not be your spouse) or at the very least with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Shy ol' me was constantly hit on by women at bars, and I not so-grudgingly accepted their advances for a tumble in my apartment.

Only once did I ever ask out a woman while in Japan… I said I was shy… but I pursued her—Noboko—with a feverish passion, until I was able to convince her I was more than a pervert. It's true. I am more than a pervert.

But the point is… Japanese women wanted to have sex… and the Japanese guys I talked with also wanted to have sex…. you have to have the desire, if you are going to do something with the opportunity.

But that was the 1990s… It's 2015, and the hardened desire to copulate appears to have waned in Japan.

Let's just call it sexual indifference.

According to a recent government survey… I never get surveyed by the government… it compiled results noting that close to 40 percent of Japanese—men and women—in their 20s and 30s who are not in a relationship, say that they don't require a sex-buddy or romantic interest.

Many of the respondents even called relationships "bothersome".

I  want to state right here that I do NOT know how many participated in that survey. It could be thousands, it could be 12. But... note that there IS a negative population growth in Japan...

Being married, I could make a comment or two on the term 'bothersome', but when you are single… I would believe most people on this planet would kill to be in a relationship… but not the non-violent Japanese.

There was a 2010 survey - and again, I can only hope people are being honest - but 25 percent of Japanese men in their 30s who have never been married, are apparently virgins. The numbers were slightly less for women.

I'm not going to examine the numbers for the women, because I'm not a woman, and in this case, sex matters.

But really… one in four single Japanese men in their 30s are virgins?

How many people took part in this survey???

Is 25 percent—relative to other countries—an apathetic result, or could it be par for the global course?

If those numbers are to be extended to the whole country - and because I do not know the number of respondents to the survey - then guys… how come none of those 30-something virgins have ever partaken of the professional services of an escort? I don't believe it's a moral dilemma judging from all the pornographic images thrust in your face via anime and manga...

But that's the point, isn't it?

There's an apathy regarding sexual relationships and/or just plain old nookie.

I have only cherry-picked data (and this blog idea) from an article by Yoko Wakatsuki of CNN. Her original article can be found HERE.

In Wakatsuki's article, she describes men taking part in art classes sketching a nude woman to get them to at least view a nude body… with one 41-year-old man noting that the nude model was the closest he had ever been to a naked female.

Another says that there are far too many things for people to do in Japan—anime, manga, video games and sports—that there's no need to have a relationship because at least the other distractions won't cause heartbreak.

If that comment is representative of the Japanese choosing not to be in a relationship, then Japan is suffering from some sort of malaise.

Sure everyone wants a perfect relationship, but as we all know, that is a rare thing to achieve. It really does depend on what you expect… respect, sharing, money, sex… whatever… make your own list… but Japan also is apparently suffering from a fear of failure.

It doesn't want to fail, so why try?

When the fug did that attitude come around? Is that real? Many kids in school take a sports club activity… they learn sports, maybe get good at it - they fail sometimes, but really… it's school sports…

School education in Japan… no one fails… so where's the fear of failure?

I don't understand it when people say there's a Japanese fear of failure… These scenarios have been around for decades…

Do we really want to blame Mario and Sonic for the demise of the orgasm in Japan?

I read those excuses: video games, comic books, cartoons, sports and thought - holy crap... I used to like all of those things as a kid, youth, young adult, now.

I did all four of those things this past Monday: I went to work for eight hours, coached Little League baseball for nine- and 10-year-olds , did the family thing, read to the boy - it was an Uncle Scrooge comic book by Don Rosa, watched some recorded cartoons - Teen Titans Go! - funniest cartoon ever!, and then played MLB: The Show 2015 on my PS3...

... and while I did not have a sexual relationship, all of that does not stop me from WANTING to do the wild thing. Hell... right now! Let's go! Buy me lunch first, though. I'm not that easy.

Heck, I'm a card-carrying nerd or geek... whichever one isn't rich. I love my Star Trek, played AD&D (Dungeons & Dragons) back in the 70s, 80s and 90s. I played league soccer and baseball and coached both, too. I have 35,000 comic books and an encyclopedic knowledge of Warner Bros. cartoons. But I also did seven years of post-secondary schooling, taught piano and clarinet, and used to go to the gym to try and sculpt muscle, while still going out with the boys to see the ballet or the singles club scene (which I actually hated)... the point is... I tried, and eventually it paid off...

Maybe Japan needs to grow up a little bit.

If that gentleman I mentioned above who says that there are plenty of distractions is one of thousands of other Japanese men and women in the same boat, then Japan needs to put down the game controller, put down the smart phone or tablet, put down the comic books and go out to a bar, get some conversation lubrication in you and find somebody to love.

Wouldn't you love somebody to love?

Maybe the Japanese need to better self-regulate how much time they spend on their hobbies. Hell, my hobby is hobbies. But... I always found time for other things if there was even the possibility of a woman being in the general vicinity.

But... as noted above... maybe the Japanese afraid of rejection: "Boo-hoo, I could get hurt in a relationship."

Yeah, buddy, you can. Suck it up. What happened to that whole 'samurai' culture you all seem to think is part of you? Never say die, eat more pie!

Do they even want to have a relationship? If people call relationships 'bothersome', then clearly there is something else at play here… surely it's not work getting in the way? Work has always got in the way of the Japanese worker, and yet sex and relationships have occurred for centuries.

I understand that there is a social stigma for people suffering from virginity… but I was cured, and so can everyone else… but you have to really want it.

While I understand that the arranged marriage concept is not as big in Japan as it used to be - maybe it needs to make a comeback seeing as how young people seem inept at creating their own relationships.

Maybe someone needs to create singles websites in Japan… we already know that Ashley Madison for those looking to step out on their spouse is huge in Japan… so at least we know that at least the married people want to have sex… just not with their spouse… which also creates that whole negative population growth thing…

For the women… Japan had a term for women who were over 25 and unmarried (like my Noboko was): 'Christmas Cake'… something ignored and tossed out once the season is over… so there was huge pressure on women to marry before the end of their 25th year.

'Christmas Cake' has now become the more-Japanese term of 'Year-End Noodles… which must be consumed by the end of the year or thrown away.

There was no such age constrictions on men, of course.

So what happened? After I left Japan, it's like I took all of Japan's mojo with me….

By 1990, cracks began to appear in the Japanese economy… finally going down on itself.

Where once a worker entering a job out of school could expect to maintain a job with the same company for life (company loyalty), suddenly the collapsed economy meant job loss.

Now… not every Japanese man or woman lost their job in the 1990s or 2000s… but many did.

Having once been unemployed myself, I know that you feel like a piece of crud you find in the corner of your eye when you wake-up in the morning. No job, no or little income… domestic bliss it ain't. You begin to doubt your own self-worth. Your self-esteem can take a hit.

If you let it. Obviously some people are better able to handle stressful times than others.

Strangely, being unemployed didn't make me less horny. It might even have had the opposite affect on me.

But then again… I'm not Japanese…

In conclusion:
I am certainly not claiming that being a virgin means one has a mental illness disease... however... one can look at survey results all day long and fail to take into account the chemical level of mentality of those involved.

Certainly it can be a societal or technological reason, but I also mentioned that the possibility exists that this non-sexual malaise could also be brought about from depression owing to external environmental factors.

I'm betting that the real reason for people not even interested in having sex or being in a relationship is quite complex, with aspects from ennui from chemical depression, societal depression, immaturity from too many toys, plain old shyness (though that doesn't explain WHY one doesn't WANT to have sex), and things I haven't even touched upon here...

I think the world will see a whole plethora of new mind games with people staring at their screens so much and further removing themselves from real human contact... hey... waitaminute... people don't know how to actually talk to people face to face any more... they only know how to talk via social media.


Could that really be it? The timing of the advent of social media (including e-mail), and the decline of the Japanese Empire is either very intriguing or very coincidental.

Fuuuuuuuuuug. No really… try it. You'll like it. I did.
Andrew Joseph

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