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Monday, June 15, 2015

Make Godzilla A Real Monster Movie Japan

Here's a brief note to the fellers in Japan making a new Gojira (Godzilla) movie, hopefully for 2016.

Unlike the recent American counterpart of 2014, don't create a monster battle where the combatants are thrashing around in the dark making it difficult for the audience to see... and don't bring the protagonist - Gojira  - in after 40 minutes of film have gone by...

We know that you want to create suspense... but you should also know that the audience knows it's a Godzilla monster movie... they want to see Godzilla... and they want to see Godzilla kicking monster butt.

What you need to do, is to have multiple battles going on akin to what happened in the new Jurassic World movie that I saw this past Saturday with the boy. (It did get stupid with the ending doing an homage to The Lion King, however.)

Good vicious battles... close-ups, long-shots, medium shots, shots from above and low-angle shots... done in a way that the audience can see what is going on.

Don't give us night time battles!

Don't give us action sped up where everyone is a blur (I'm thinking Captain America II: The Winter Soldier, or whatever it was called)... let us see the action... like we used to be able to see the action.

Give the people what they want, rather than airy-fairy artistic achievement in the field of boredom.

Get it right. You did back when you first created Gojira, and then you allowed it to get schlocky... and then you allowed it to get artistic when the Americans started making movies.

No one really cares about the people and how they were maligned. Show people suffering, if you must - that was truly horrific in the very first Gojira movie, but give us action.

It's like every superhero movie needs an origin... okay, fine... but not when we know the origin because it's been done to death. We know baby Kal-El rocketed to Earth after his planet Krypton was destroyed and was raised by the Kents. We know that Batman's parents were killed by robber in Crime Alley by Joe Chill (original). We know that Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. We know mutants were feared, and grouped together by Charles Xavier as the X-Men.

These have characters and movies done multiple times. Like Godzilla.

Do you want to breath new life into a moribund monster franchise? Stop making boring movies that revolve around people. People are boring. Give us the dinosaurs. Give us the monsters.

Give us Godzilla, or better yet, give us Gojira.

Teaser trailer for the Japanese-made 2016 Gojira film can be found HERE.

Andrew Joseph

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