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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sex Doll And Drink Dispenser - How Japanese

FIRST... if you are hitting the video below, note that it is probably NSFW - Not Safe For Work.

If you work at home - go ahead... unless your wife is the boss, of course.

You can still read about it here and get the gist.

This is actually a bit of older news, but since I only found out about recently, it's new news. Time is only relative to the observer. That's what Einstein said, and who the hell are we to disagree.

Now... should you actually have more money than God, and are not married, have no plans to get married, or are a typical drunken Japanese business man, then perhaps you might be interested in purchasing for a mere $5,000, a sexy-looking Japanese female (d'uh) sexdoll that provides a little-something-something extra that will make you both horny and drunk at the same time.

Squeeze the porn-star-sized breast, and out of her nipple will come whatever the hell beverage you have placed inside her.

I wouldn't recommend drinking right from the tap, if you know what I mean, otherwise you'll be too drunk to fug... and trust me, your doll won't be impressed.

If it was me, and it's not, I would put milk inside, to create that realistic look.

I'm unsure just who needs to suck booze from a fake woman's nipple, but if you don't mind looking like a complete perv to yourself or perhaps your fellow bachelor party miscreants who were too cheap to afford a stripper or a hooker, then perhaps this sexdoll-slash-bartender is the perfect gift for you.

Seriously... how many bachelor parties can you go to where such a two pronged attack is necessary?

And the clean-up? Oy gevalt! Undertake at your own risk!

Granted people are supposed to squeeze the breast and use a glass or stein to capture the liquid oozing out from the sexdoll's nipple, but if this is being used at a bachelor party, I would give it 20 seconds before someone puts their lips to the nips. No pun intended. No... really.

If it's just for personal use... what the fug is wrong with you? Can't you use a real bottle and glass to get your booze? Why sully your poor sexdoll?

What did she ever do to you?

I've always wondered... where does the sexdoll get placed when you bring a real live woman home that isn't a hooker? Oh... right. Never mind.

I like vinyl as much as the next guy (maybe not that much), but generally I prefer it to be removed when I go to work. Especially since there's no air-conditioning in my place.

Anyhow... right now this seems to be a Japanese product, so if you Yanks want one, you better know how to order in Japanese.

$5000. I read one blog that supposed one could recoup your investment by charging the guys at the bachelor party for use of the booze dispenser.

What, like $20 per hooter shooter? Don't be ridiculous!

Besides... if you are rich enough to afford a $5000 sexdoll/bartender, then you need not whine about having to recoup your loss.

Sexdoll/hooter-shooter... only in Japan.

Maybe they could invent a sexdoll that picks up the tab at a restaurant even though it didn't eat anything. That would be cool.

Here's a video on the thing... as mentioned, it's probably not safe for work.

And to prove it's not just for men, we see a woman grab a drink.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Well, Well no ones gonna hire a sex doll for a bachelor party :) Just too stupid.

  2. Ha! I 100% agree! Thanks for the professional opinion!