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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Teaser Trailer For New TOHO Japanese Godzilla 2016 Movie

Busy day on Saturday... baseball team photo, then a game - it was like herding cats... all nine-year-old boys (and I think girls) seem to have ADHD, clinical and otherwise. I then had to take the boy to the Emergency walk-in as this weird hive rash he developed in the early Friday morn got worse... it was waxing from bad to ugly every hour even with some Benydryl... so with the wife having to go to work this evening, I had to spend some time at the hospital...

The folks at Queensway in Etobicoke (a suburb city that is part of Toronto) were great and we were actually in and out in an hour... it's an allergic reaction to something... but at least it wasn't to whatever meds he had started taking a few weeks earlier... the doctor recommended Claratin liquid for kids as a preventative, rather than the reactive protection... and late Saturday evening as I write this, Hudson's hives while not gone away, seem to be in control where he doesn't look like a hideous teenager with bad pizza acne.

These evening wife work shifts are tough on me - ONLY because I can't be an absentee dad sitting here in the computer room working on a blog... so I only have a few hours to write... but that's when I want to just turn my brain off...

It's why I only offer you a neat poster my bud Michael P. sent me. It's a French poster advertising the first Godzilla movie from the 1950s.

I'd say I'll have something long-winded for you all in the next 24-hours, but the boy and I are going to our first baseball game in two years, courtesy of Uncle Syl... and when I get back, it's lawn-mowing time, as the previous weeks rain has created a field of nightmares in the front and backyard.

I will have something interesting for tomorrow night - already in my head... Monday, a busy day at work as it's do or die day to get the magazine out... so no idea when I'll have time even at lunch to prepare something... but Tuesday... ahhh... we'll be back on track with a story about my last days in Japan (second trip).

Meanwhile... enjoy the movie poster... and note that Japan, envious or pissed off at the last American blockbuster of its Gojira, has plans afoot to create its OWN version... by TOHO - the franchise's official owner.

It is an actual reboot of the Godzilla franchise...

Anno Hideaki (surname first) (who did the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion) is writing the screenplay.

Higuchi Shinji (surname first) (who did the special effects for the Heisei Gamera trilogy, the upcoming Attack on Titan live-action films (yes, plural), and Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack movie) is the director and director of special effects.

And while bigger isn't always better according to most guys but argued against by all women, the new TOHO version of Godzilla promises to be the largest Godzilla - physically - ever.

Here's the official TOHO teaser trailer below... I recognize scenes from the ORIGINAL Japanese Gojira flick in it... such as the woman protecting her kids wondering if their dad is still alive - horrible stuff that the American version didn't include...

I never actually saw the real 1954 Japanese version of Gojira made in 1954 until last year... and it kicks a$$.

I can't wait until 2016 when Toho does Godzilla right... unlike the 2014 version the Americans, quite frankly, blew.

How cool was that?! Classic black and white footage from the 1954 Gojira movie used! Classic Gojira soundtrack! But the Godzilla shown - that wasn't your grandpa's Godzilla, baby!

Dammit... it was just going to be a poster blog... but I couldn't resist looking for an adding in the 2016 trailer.

Andrew Joseph

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