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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Toyota Exec Arrested For Drug Smuggling

Hora! Gaijin-chan!
Despite the headline, this isn't the busting of some huge heroin smuggling ring, nor was the accused caught with her head in a baggie snorting cocaine while being screwed by a donkey, nor was she caught sucking back Ecstasy while allowing women to do Jello shots off her navel. Sorry, nothing quite as exciting or semi-sordid as all that.

No... this is about Julie Hamp (not hemp), 55, (photo above) being arrested because Japanese Customs discovered she had mailed herself a total of 57 pills of oxycodone.

It's big news in Japan because Hamp is the managing officer and chief communications officer for Toyota Motor Corporation in Tokyo.

Oxycodone is a painkiller derived from poppies… and most pills have a 12-hour limit of controlling pain in the body. The problem, however, is that one can become highly addicted to them…

Two 30-mg Oxycodon pills could be part of a pretty necklace.
Now… granted Hamp obviously knew she wasn't supposed to be in possession of such prescription painkiller meds IN Japan... that she couldn't transport them in to Japan upon her person... because she had actually mailed the pills to her self from Kentucky to Japan… stating on a written customs declaration form that the package merely contained a necklace.

If it's not something she knew was illegal, why hide the true nature of the package's contents?

What - to stop customs from swiping the drugs? What would stop them from wanting to swipe a necklace? 

Possession of oxycodone is against Japan's narcotic's laws…

Hamp contests the charges, saying she did not think she had imported an illegal substance…. yeah… riiiiiight.

Granted she could have simply had someone mail her a prescription because of some injury she has that causes great pain... but no one gets a bottle of 57 pills... that's not round enough a number.

She had probably taken three (hopefully not all at once - though that might have explained what occurred), and then decided she would need them while in Japan to deal with the Japanese men trying to squeeze her boobs at office parties.

"Sometimes, being stoned is the only way I can stand the little sh!ts." - a line I once read somewhere decades earlier.

Still, even if she was not aware that oxycodone was illegal in Japan (it is legal in Canada and the U.S. as a prescription drug), ignorance of the law is no excuse.

(I'm not talking mental incapacity - some countries and some U.S. States tick me off that allow mentally-challenged or chemically-imbalanced people be charged for crimes they don't even know they committed. Take drugs or are drunk and kill someone - guilty! You didn't HAVE to take the booze or pills.)

Guilty is guilty and everyone is responsible for their own actions or in-actions.

Hamp was arrested on Thursday, June 18, 2015 in Japan after Customs at Narita Airport checked the package (flown in on a mail flight) addressed to her and found the discrepancy between the contents and the declaration form in the necklace and the illegal narcotics.

Do they really check for such things? It wasn't random... I think they really do check all packages going in and out of Japan.

(My favorite U.S. Customs story involves me being sniffed repeatedly by drug-chasing dogs at the Detroit airport after arriving from Japan... who is bringing drugs from Japan into Detroit?! No one! Ever! It was because I had long hair and sexy striped jeans and probably not because I am brown-skinned - I'll give them that much credit... but come on! No one smuggles drugs FROM Japan to take to Detroit - I could probably buy drugs three feet outside the main airport doors of Detroit! I have no idea if that's correct or possible, but it IS more likely than ANYONE smuggling drugs from Japan into Detroit).

What's really embarrassing, however, is that Hamp is the Toyota Motor Corporation's first senior female executive (just weeks ago appointed head of public relations)… so sex aside, this is one of those instances where any publicity isn't necessarily good publicity, no matter how she tries to spin doctor it.

Back to sex… Toyota, with the promotion of Hamp weeks earlier, had trumpeted her appointment screaming to all who would listen just how Toyota was the king of promoting diversity…. not only a gaijin… but a female gaijin... but the important distinction is that Toyota did not really call to attention WHERE she was from, rather just that she was/is female.

Hamp joined the North American Toyota division in 2012, moving to Tokyo at the beginning of June 2015.

In the image at very top taken from some previous day in Japan, Julie Hamp can be seen here wearing a lovely necklace that may or may not be a pearl necklace. Perhaps she enjoys making jewelry out of pills?

If Hamp does have a drug problem, get her some help back in the U.S., then get her back on the job in Japan. While drugs and drug-related charges are big news in Japan, this isn't smuggling for distribution.

Remember what I said in past blogs about having to act as an ambassador for one's home-base country? When you are a stranger/foreigner/gaijin in Japan, there is a lot of close scrutiny going on to make sure you toe the country's cultural line.

Hamp screwed up, and regardless of the why, should just own up, apologize profusely, maintain she didn't know it was an issue of such import, and go about her job to the best of her abilities.

Anyhow… unless Hamp has a major drug dependence problem - and 57 pills says she doesn't - hopefully this is much ado about nothing, and a warm, fuzzy feeling can begin to wash all over Toyota once again. Mmmm… yeah… whaaattttt…

I just got hit by a Toyota... ohhhh, what a feeeeeelingggggg.

Andrewwwwwww Josephhhhhh

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