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Sunday, June 21, 2015

WWII Photograph: American POWs Leaving Yokohama Work Camp

Here's an interesting photograph I found within some e-mail mass-mailed to me by my dad...

It purports to show guards at a Yokohama, Japan WWII POW (Prisoner-of-war) camp circa 1945... with the guards bowing to prisoners after being released following the capitulation of Japan.

I actually began researching THIS particular facility... but it's a lot bigger than what I expected... well... sort of... I really want to ensure that what I have is accurate, and I have too many questions at the moment.

I do not, however, believe for one single minute that the Japanese guards seen in the photo bowing to these American men actually mean it.

I think it's a propaganda photo.

I think they made the Japanese guards stand there and bow to the prisoners as they left.

Seriously... bowing shows respect... and the Americans knew that... why would they allow the guards to still be hanging around? Surely they would have been made POW's themselves immediately and removed from the area away from the American POWs leaving the facility!

Granted not everyone in the Japanese army was a bad guy... some just were forced to do a job... so it's possible... but the timing of the image just smacks of propaganda to me.

Anyhow... I believe this camp is known as Tokyo 3B camp in Yokohama... for reasons which I hope to further explain tomorrow.

It's actual original function - the place where the camp was situated - surprised me.

Andrew Joseph

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