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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Miss Universe Japan Contestants - Updated Jan. 2017

Kojima Akiko - Japan, Miss Universe 1959
Submitted for your approval... Japan and the Miss Universe pageant - the women who represented Japan since 1990 - 2015.

Believe it or not, I just discovered this blog had been sitting in my "Draft" pile for three years... after I forgot to save it correctly.

I have now updated it so that it has links and write-ups on all the contestants between 2006 - 2014, with one coming on the latest 2015 Miss Universe Japan winner. There is a photo of Miss Universe Japan 2015 below, however.

 I am also working on a full scale blog depicting EVERY Miss Universe Japan through the years since Japan participated... but it's easier said than done.

Click on each link to discover more great photos and lots of interesting facts! See just after each photo down below in this blog for those links.

The current Miss Universe Japan was founded in 1998... it was done because prior to that, Japan simply wasn't getting much global recognition on the beauty stage. Japan had been participating in the Miss Universe competition since 1952, but between 1996 and 1997, no contestant was sent to participate... hence a new pageant order was created in Japan. 

The rest of the writing below is from 2012 and earlier..

Now... Some of you readers might have noticed that I like women. A lot. That's good. You have been paying attention. For the rest of you... let me bring you up to speed: I like women. A lot. There... now you are up to speed.

As such, I have been wondering for quite some time just who some of Japan's most beautiful women are.

The whole thing about beauty, of course is that it is subjective. It is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

I mean, when I was in Japan, my dream was to marry a Japanese redhead with big boobs. An impossible goal, but it really did always make for what I thought was a funny joke. I could always find two out of three...

Stupidity aside, rather than subject you to hundreds, if not thousands of photos of Japanese redheads with a large chest, let's look at some global opinions.

I didn't know who to ask, so I instead examined the Miss Universe pageant... and did a look back to 1990... when I first set foot down on the melting tarmac of Narita Airport in Japan.

From now on all names seen here will be written in Japanese-style - surname first.

Some background:
The Miss Universe contest was first started up in 1952 by the California, company Pacific Mills. Japan's Kojima Himeko was involved, but did not place.

Nowadays, some 600-million viewers tune in to see who will be crowned - and not all of the viewers are men.

Japan's Kojima Akiko was the 1959 Miss Universe. That's her in the photo up above. She was glorious, and probably still is, at age 76. You can read more about her here: 1959

Japan did have one other Miss Universe winner in 2007, Miss Mori Riyo... and holy crap! Wowzers! Photo below.

No other Japanese woman has won the event - but that's not a knock against their beauty, brains and talent, of course. They are all fantastic.

I would like to tell you all that I actually slept with a Japanese representative of a Miss Universe contest, but that would be wrong. I would never kiss and tell. Or would I?

Before you check out these candid photos of the contestants, you are also invited to check out my blog showing off the national Japan costumes of these contestants: HERE

Here, without much further ado, are the lovely ladies representing Japan at the Miss Universe pageants from 1990 on:
Miyoshi Hiroko - 49th after preliminary scores.

Yamamoto Atsuko - 61st after preliminary scores.

No picture: Just the crowning of her as Miss Universe Japan: CROWN - at the 2:30 mark - in blue dress.
Ando Akiko - 59th after preliminary scores.

No Photo: Video of Parade of nations: 1:25 mark: PARADE

Shiki Yukiko - 52nd after preliminary scores.

Kawahito Chiaki (left) Miss Canada Susanne Rothfoson on right. Chiaki  - 49th after preliminary scores.

No photo: but a Parade of Nations video... see 10:00 mark: JAPAN

Saeki Narumi - 53rd after preliminary scores.

No participant

No participant


Okumura Nana - Couldn't find preliminary score - but out after 1st round.


Ogawa Satomi - preliminary round and out.

Endo Mayu - preliminary round and out.

Arauchi Misao - preliminary round and out.

Chiba Mina - preliminary round and out.

Miyazaki Miyako - 4th runner-up.


Machimoto Eri preliminary round and out.
Kuzuya Yukari preliminary round and out.


Chibana Kurara - 1st runner up and winner of best national costume 2nd Photo. Lots more information on her in my blog here: 2006


Mori Riyo - Miss Universe. 
No kidding, eh! I need a towel.
Everything you wanted to know about this hot chick can be found in my blog about her here: 2007


Mima Hiroko - top 15.
There was also a scandal involving Hiroko as Miss Japan, but she was INNOCENT.
Read MY blog HERE for the full story! 


Miyasaka Emiri preliminary round and out.
Plus a news story on her scandalous costume: READ. Gorgeous! And so is the costume!
Here's my blog on her - the full story: HERE


Itai Maiko preliminary round and out.
Read the full story on her HERE


Kamiyama Maria

 I've written more about her here: 2011 , but she was out after the preliminary round.
She was 5th Runner-Up in the National Costume.

The 2011 Japanese representative is named Maria? Holy crap! Could she be part of some gaijin invasion force begun 21 years earlier? Alas - not THIS gajin. Maria is 24-years-old... I only arrived in Japan 21 years ago. Whew! I think...

Hara Ayako
Out in the preliminary round. She deserved better. She is HOT!

For your entertainment purposes,  please read THIS blog about a conspiracy and the 2012 Miss Universe Japan pageant.

Yumiki Matsuo 
Yumiki Matso is the 2013 representative of Japan at the upcoming Miss Universe competition.You can read my better late than never blog on her HERE. She was the 4th runner-up for Best National Costume, but out in the Preliminary Round. She is very pretty - look at that scrunched up smile!

Tsuji Keiko
You can read more about her: HERE. Still... she was out after the Preliminary Round.

Miyamoto Ariana- finished in 10th place over all!
Miss Universe Japan 2015 Evening Gown worn at the preliminaries. Or maybe she'll wear the one below...

Miyamoto Ariana in her official Miss Universe 2015 Evening Gown photograph. .

Miss Universe Japan 2015 Swimsuit - I'm not sure if this is what she will be wearing, but still.... va-va-va-voom!
Or maybe her swimsuit is the won she wore at the 2015 preliminaries in Las Vegas...

I haven't written anything about her yet - and that's my fault for not being aware of my writings. She is a bi-racial Japanese dreamboat... mom's Japanese and dad's a Black American... but she's all hot.

There was a bit of a backlash against her being chosen to represent Japan in the Miss Universe competition because of her bi-racial background, with many Japanese complaining she doesn't look Japanese.

First off... three cheers to the judges at Miss Universe Japan for putting racial profiling on the backburner and simply choosing a women they felt had the necessary charm, looks and intelligence to represent Japan on the world stage.

I hate to break it to you all, but one day, there won't be any pure Japanese or pure Indian or pure whatever... coco, beige, whatever... that will be the skin tone... and you can live in whatever country you want and be a representative of that country.

Thanks to the judges of Miss Universe Japan, Japan has joined the world stage - just this once, as part of a real global melting pot.

I'll do a write up on Ariana-chan soon enough. Better late than never, right? I know... I suck.

Nakazawa Sari

Nakazawa-san is a real looker.

Born on July 13, 1993 and from Otsu, Shiga-ken, she is 23-years-old.

She stands 171 centimeters (5-foot 7 1/2 inches) tall, and weighs none of your damn business. She has lovely black hair and dark brown eyes and a killer smile.

Nakazawa is a model in Japan, though we (me) assume she’ll soon be an international one.

At the 2016 Miss Universe pageant held in Manila, Philippines on January 30, 2017, she was unplaced… done after the 1st round.

Miss Universe Canada, Mexico and the United States of America placed Top 9 in the event won by the absolutely stunning Iris Mittenaere of France, who seems like the prototype of how God(s) should create the perfect looking human being. Miss France has plans to be a dental surgeon when she’s finished with her duties. You can read more about her HERE.

Compiled by Andrew Joseph
PS: What's the deal with no photographs on the Internet of Miss Universe Japan 1992, 1993 and 1995? And no participants in 1996 and 1997? Apparently Japan was upset that they never seemed to get a fair shake in the event, and stayed away until 1998 when Donald Trump purchased the pageant.
PPS: While it may indeed be true that I have "dated" Japanese women who could more than their own in the looks department against many a Miss Universe representative, they probably would never have won a pageant, as they lacked the type of talent judges are looking for. I, however, always enjoyed the talents each possessed.
PPPS: Yes... I did "sleep" with a Japanese representative of the Miss Universe contest... she was part of the entourage of one of the actual beauty queen's. That story will appear in a future blog. I still haven't written this one... I'll do that and post it sometime during the month of March 2012. Promise. Hmmm. I have already broken that promise... soon, my eager friends. Soon.
PPPPS: I still haven't revealed my sleeping near greatness story, and now it's 2013. Eventually? 


  1. Yummy on Miss 2007! I'll take her, please...and a towel to clean up afterwards, too, will be needed!

  2. I really love the beauty of Japan and I think this year 2011, they are deserving to win the MIss Universe

  3. Maria is certainly a beautiful woman, but I am not overly impressed with the national costume design, and I think it will hurt her. There's also some pretty stiff competition from a couple other Asian nations. But, while I appreciate beauty, I'm no expert on the machinations of beauty pageants. Everyone has a shot at the title. Thanks for reading!

  4. Priyanka Yoshikawa and the headline that disturbed me the most. You could have had one like her in an alternate timeline ...

    1. OMG! I nearly snorted hot coffee out my nose. Half elephant trainer half Indian. Bwa-ha-ha. I had a much different headline originally, and then decided to keep it simple stupid to fit in with the other announcements made about the latest Miss Japan Universe of whatever year.

    2. BTW - I have a story on her coming out at midnight.