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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Noboko And Andrew: Minus 2

So… in case you missed out, the diary of my three years in Japan is over.

I had lost in trying to convince my girlfriend Noboko to defy her father's wishes and just say fug it and marry me.

I figured we would leave Japan if we have to, or I'll stay… it didn't matter a hill of beans to me… all that mattered was being with Noboko and not giving a crap what other people (her father) thought of our relationship.

It's pretty strong coming from a guy who was essentially an introvert pretending to be an extrovert (I've since become less introverted)… but that's what Japan did to me.

It gave me baruzu (balls, if said phonetically).

So… when Noboko essentially decided to give up on her happiness by giving up on us in order to maintain peace and harmony and whatever bullcrap zen shite you want to pile on, it made me sick to my stomach.

Not just because she chose her father's happiness over hers and mine - ours, but mostly because I had seen someone else says screw the parents in order to achieve happiness.

My mother was Catholic, my father is Protestant. To me its two sides of the same coin, but to others it's the Great effing Divide. A deal breaker.

My mother's parents both decided to skip the wedding if she was to marry that heathen Protestant man who would one day become my father.

My mother was willing to give up on her parents to achieve happiness with my father.

It was that close to me.

And so… when Noboko couldn't do that… it really hit home.

I know you can't compare Japanese apples to oranges, but I did, and do.

I understand that every person is different… and I try to walk a mile in their shoes to avoid being judgmental… but it doesn't make the reality of the situation any different when all is said and written.

Every day I realize that my son Hudson will grow up never having known my mother - his grandmother… and while whatever kids I would have hopefully had with Noboko, there was always a chance seeing as how I didn't get married until five years later, they would have known my mother.

Put it all together and… well… damn allergies again…

Andrew "I was never any good at math" Joseph
PS: It's funny. 1 minus 2 doesn't seem like it should be minus 1.It seems like it should be minus 2.

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  1. Feels like there should an airport 80s sceen with a happy ending.