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Monday, August 10, 2015


 Above is one of the more amazing photos I have seen of Japan.

“I photographed the woman who finished shellfish fishing in the evening of the day of the flood tide.”
Photo and caption by Chiba Sunao (surname first)  - National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.

Where is it?

It is Tokuchinoura in Kumamoto-ken in Kyushu. - the western part of Japan.

Look... I know I think I lived in an awesome spot in Japan... Ohtawara-shi... a rural city of 50,000 people that is essentially a large town with lots of rice fields all around it - and to me it was great... but I know it's got nothing on places like Tokuchinoura.

I'm not a huge fan of living by the water... but I might have changed my mind if Tokuchinoura was my destination. Hopefully, one or more lucky AETs on the JET Programme have something like this as their daily backdrop.

Still, the blue filter on the camera lens does help the photo achieve its surreal quality.

Andrew Joseph

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