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Monday, September 7, 2015

China Has Safer Sex Thanks To Japan

Yes, you read that headline correctly - despite the on-going politics in front of the scenes between China and Japan, behind the scenes - backdoor non-politics - China IS having safer sex thanks to Japan as it China just can seem to get enough of Japan's condoms.

With over 4-million Chinese tourists entering Japan in 2015 (expected), they seem to be gobbling up Japanese condoms - and for some reason those from the nondescript $1-billion Okamoto Industries, a Tokyo-based corporation that lacks even a staffed front-office at its Canal City Hakata complex.

Okamoto is known as the big kahuna in Japanese condom manufacture, and while the rest of the stock markets has been slow and low, Okamoto has seen its stock rise by over 120 percent.

Why? The aforementioned horny Chinese.

They dislike or trust their own Chinese condoms, and prefer instead to get their clammy hands on the Japanese goods. Because of that, there are a lot of fakes out there, and the only way to ensure they are getting the real deal, the Chinese tourists are gobbling up condoms with each visit to Japan.

In fact, a new Japanese word - bakugai- meaning 'buying explosion has become part of the vernacular as Chinese tourism has overtaken both Korean and Taiwanese (in spite of what I wrote one week earlier - HERE).

It's all pretty effing bizarre considering Japan's own population is getting a lot older (see HERE), and has also lost its interest in sex (see HERE), with pharmaceutical stores actually reducing the amount of space devoted to condom sales by five percent.

While Japanese condom manufactures reap the benefits, Japan itself can rest a bit easier knowing that China is at least not growing its armies at the previous unwrapped rate.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Image above is of course a mini banana.

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