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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Bomb

So… there is no denying that what happened to the people of Hiroshima (image above) and Nagasaki after the exploding of atomic bombs during WWII was horrifying.

Not only was there instant vaporization - the lucky ones - but there were those with horrific radiation burns that is it did not kill them hours or agonizing days or weeks later, would get them years later via radiation sickness… or possibly with genetic mutations in their offspring.

There was also loss of home, industry… a war… which lead to their Emperor losing his Godhood…

It was bad for Japan.

It was good, however, for the Allied nations fighting against Japan, because Japan had a never surrender attitude, and that meant that if these bombs were not deployed, Allied Troops would have been forced to eventually land on mainland Japan and take the battle to the cities… something that would have prolonged the war, but ultimately would have cost even more Japanese lives, not to mention a score and then some of Allied lives.

One can whine and bitch about the atrocity of the U.S. deploying such an untried weapon on people, but the truth is, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ultimately saved a lot more lives than it cost.

How do I know that Japan wouldn't surrender?

Consider: They had the friction' city of Hiroshima decimated by an atomic bomb on August 6, 1945… U.S. president called on Japan to surrender 16 hours later… and they refused. That first bomb… known as Little Boy… anywhere between 90,000 - 146,000 people died from that bomb. Granted that wasn't immediately, but immediately… the entire city was pretty much blown away.

Japan wouldn't give up - even in the face of this awesome new weapon.

It's why the U.S. dropped the Fat Man atomic bomb on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945… this one only took out between 39,000 - 80,000 over the next few months…

The U.S., wary of Japan's 'never-surrender' attitude, had one more atomic bomb in the pipeline that it was going to drop in a few days time, but this time… this time, Japan surrendered.

That's an additional 80,000 people that would have lived if Japan hadn't been so bloody stubborn after Hiroshima was decimated.

All Japan had to do was go to Hiroshima… see that the city existed only as frames of twisted metal, and say: "Holy crap!" and quit the war.

Holy crap. We've all seen photos of Hiroshima after the bomb. How could Japan possibly think theta could combat the might of the atom?

And yet… despite the awesome nastiness of these two bombs, they are mere firecrackers when compared to the firepower of other nuclear bombs.

Now… the following is not meant to belittle the survivors or victims of those two atomic bombs… it is meant to place into context just what sort of crap we of 2015 should be concerned about. 

A few months ago, the Huffington Post published a chart showing the firepower of the world's most deadly atomic and nuclear bombs. Full story HERE. Check it out if the image I dropped in below doesn't expand when you click on it.

Prepare to be scared… and realize that someone, somewhere, is building a bigger and more dangerous weapon of mass destruction.

Mother do you think they'll drop the bomb?
Andrew Floyd Joseph


  1. Profoundly disturbing, Dr. Strangelove ...

    1. Jawohl, Mein Fu... , er, I mean, Yes, my FFF.

    2. Y'know... I tried to change my e-mail information, and thanks to Google+, IT deleted MMM's blog. Completely. Un-effing-believeable. Now I have to start again with a new title et al.

  2. It took me THIS long to find this comment. I am a long time lurker of MMM so your explanation made me strangely ... happy (the explanation -- not the loss of the blog!). Over the past week, I was a little in shock when I tried to hit the link, and it was totally gone. I couldn't imagine why you would decide to delete a blog that you let sit for almost two years with no posts. And just in case you're wondering, I was the one who left that comment in your first post of that blog sometime in Spring 2014. I was pretty surprised and amused when you acknowledged it.

    Call me dense, but even though I had read some of this blog over the years, I had not realized that you were him (or he was you ... whatever the case may be). I enjoy your writing and your sense of humor, so I'll follow you here. (Though I will miss MMM. I can't believe you lost all that content. Did you ever export that blog to some PC for backup at some point? I work in IT, so the geek in me forced me to ask.)


    1. The weird thing is - all I was trying to do was change my e-mail address, as the old one just shut down for no reason. Maybe AM was mad at MMM. LOL! So... a new blog is forthcoming with the usual gang of idiots contributing. Me. I can't use the old title... but 'surviving' and 'women' will probably be it - unless there's one already out there with that name.
      At some point in time, I'll delete THESE comments here.
      I have some of that content in a raw form... so not everything is lost... but most of it was.
      The trick is finding time to do so without work or home knowing what I am doing.
      All of that stuff I wrote - excluding the number of wives - real stuff.
      I'm glad you found us, however.
      I meant what I wrote about why I started it up again. You were the only person I knew who might be confused over the blog's disappearance, so I wanted to make sure you weren't out of the loop.
      Again... thanks for your compliments.
      Perhaps when next we chat it will be in the third person. I'll get it up on the weekend. You know what I mean. LOL!

    2. Why work on something you have to hide at work and at home? Life is complex enough. Maybe you do not need to start another blog. You already keep this one updated daily and maybe it is enough. Just a thought. I've been reading through it, and it's wonderful. Really.

    3. :)
      Thanks. I wrote the other blog because those things that happened with W#1 actually happened. It was cathartic. I'm still twitchy, but I would have been much worse without the outlet. It's fun to let another side of myself out - the side that had to go away when I got married.