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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Japan Scraps Olympic Logo Over Plagiarism Fears

Japan's Tokyo Olympic Organization Committee has caved once again.

Back on August 5, 2015, a Belgian graphics artist cried fouled over Japan's released Olympic logo, saying it was plagiarized from a design he created for a Belgian theater. That full story is HERE.

Apparently the Olympic logo's designer, Sano Kenjiro (surname first), admitted he had copied online material for another project.

Although the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee still believes the two logos are different, with Sano's admission of previous culpability, the Committee decided to take no chances and dropped it like a design for an Olympic Stadium, hopping to create a new one via a new artist instead.

Sano did admit that he and his team had copied other work for a beer promotion, and faces charges of plagiarism for other projects, but he denies plagiarizing the theater logo for the Olympic one.

It's the old once a thief, always a thief scenario here… and this is big bucks, we are talking about.

The Tokyo Olympics of 2020 is certainly off to an auspicious start, what with also deciding to scrap its new Olympic Stadium design after accepting it and then receiving complaints that it was ugly, too expensive, blocked views, didn't fit aesthetically into the local area neighborhoods, and wasn't created by a Japanese architect—take your pick… You can read my take on things HERE.

The Olympic Stadium scrapping means it is behind schedule. It is now also behind schedule with regards to the logo, as its scrapping now affects sponsors who have already begun using it in various advertising schemes, such as Japan Airlines.

Scrapping it affects the costs towards such partners… but no word if there will be any compensation to them from the Olympic Organizing Committee.

While organizers say a new logo design competition will be held soon, the Committee has also come under fire as it has also reneged on a promise to keep most venues within an eight kilometers (five-mile) range of the Olympic Village.

Incompetence and Japan? Sad to say, as evidenced in media since the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami and near nuclear meltdowns, but it is becoming commonplace.

Of course, then there's the IOC (International Olympic Committee) … hardly a bastion of fairly with bribes being passed all over the place to ensure a city earns the right to host the global spectacle.

Geez… how could any athlete not help but want to cheat using performance enhancing drugs?

Somewhere waiting for someone to fall on their sword. 
Andrew Joseph

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