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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Japan's Pink Industry

Unlike Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, pink is not my fav-o-rite color… oh, wait a minute… now I recall what the hell he was singing about… that's so naughty!

In Japan, larger than rice… larger than manga or anime… the second-largest industry in Japan is the commercial sex industry (perhaps not surprisingly after automobile production).

On an annual basis, the commercial sex industry takes in over ¥10-trillion (US$85-billion a year).

So what is the 'commercial' sex industry?

Is it the AV (adult video market)? Prostitution? Love Hotels?

No… it is something known as fuzoku or the "pink" industry.

In Japan, pink is their favorite color - those naughty sukebes (perverts). Congratulations, by the way… just when one is about to toss in the proverbial towels and its non-interest in procreation… now I discover why doesn't have the time, or apparently the sperm to make babies.

First off, like most segments of Japan's sex trade, it is controlled by the yakuza. Every place, everywhere in Japan, the yakuza are 'partners' or money lenders or legitimate business associates or protection to businesses in the commercial sex trade.

Examples of the pink industry are:
  • Pink Salons: It's a low-key affair... you sit on a sofa in a booth in this usually one-room place... choose your girl from the menu... she cleans the penis with a warm cloth, oral sex and possible vaginal intercourse is performed, she cleans up, you leave, she takes care of the next customer. Yeah - romantic!;
  • Soaplands (go in, get cleaned by suds, and whatever non-intercourse sexual favors are offered);
  • Fashion Health (called Health, for short), patrons get oral sex (usually, but aside from vaginal intercourse, anything goes... including anal); 
  • Swingers Bar: married or not, it's couples only for shared sex, or perhaps just voyeurism or exhibitionism if that's your thing; 
  • Happening Bar:  like a Swingers Bar, but this allows in single people. Anything goes, but S&M is always popular; 
  • Image Club: Know as Ime-kura (imeji - image) (kurabu - club), rooms have their own theme. Such as the classroom or doctor's office. The school girl fantasy is most popular, followed  by OL (office Lady), nurse, policewoman, too. It is sexual role-playing taken to the obvious conclusion less vaginal intercourse. There is also 'Take-out" where you can take out one of the girls who is already dressed appropriately, where the man can grope her on a public train, for example. I'm not making this stuff up.

What goes on at a pink club?

Drinking, being chatted up by a beautiful woman and everything short of full-on intercourse—at least that's the legal area, but who's kidding whom? Along with discussions on social discourse and conversation lubrication, the customers entering a pink club can reach a financial agreement with a worker to have sexual relations more in-depth than what Bill Clinton thought it mean. The old in and out.  

Now before all you pervs go running out the door to try and get your rocks off at your local pink club, please note that almost every single such club will bar gaijin (foreigners) from entering the premises.

Even if you speak Japanese… it's not go.

The biggest reasons given for such discriminatory behavior—and the owners have a right to admit whomever the heck they want in Japan—is many fold:
  • foreigners do not understand the rules and etiquette of such a club… and there are a lot of particular rules to this type of club;
  • gaijin scare the Japanese customers. Still? I doubt that. I still think it's a bit of xenophobia there… especially the correct stereotype that all gaijin men are trying to steal their Japanese women;
  • gaijin complain too much. Probably…. I didn't think they noticed we complained soooo much;
  • gaijin are unable to communicate effectively with a woman if the woman gets uncomfortable… What? Even if you do speak Japanese fluently? Yes… they assume you are unaware of the nuances of Japanese society - of which they may be correct, but what if you grew up in Japan, but look like a gaijin? It doesn't matter because all…;
  • foreigners could have AIDS.
Holy crap… wan I was in Japan between 1990-1993, this idea that foreigners get AIDS and the Japanese do not was existent.

And yet, I was fully aware of these Japanese sex tours whereby Japanese businessmen would fly out from Japan to Thailand, the men (and only men) would enter a special vehicle, be driven to a specific brothel and could then grab the Thai girl or woman of their choice and screw away.

Now… I'm not implying that Thai brothels are dirty places where no one uses a condom, but like in any country, there are such places where one need not wear a little rubber thing on their John Thomas.

Anyhow, these same businessmen—who may or may not have used a condom, or engaged in various forms of oral sexual stimuli or got the Girlfriend Experience with kissing, then go home and perhaps have sexual relations with their respective wife… and forget AIDS… though a real possibility, there's simple STDs (sexually-transmitted diseases). 

So… I'm just saying this whole gaijin have AIDS stuff is crap. Hey… is it just me, but you don't hear much about AIDS in world news nowadays… it's like the world understands this is a global and personal issue… uh, except Japan, maybe.

Pink Sex
I have already stated that Pink Clubs are probably all affiliated with the yakuza - but that's just me guessing, because I can't imagine a situation in which they wouldn't be involved in Japan's Number 2 money-maker!

Anyhow… most of these Pink Clubs are being run illegally without a real license… because you need one… but I bet the police do not hassle the owners or the girls fearful of possible yakuza reprisals, or perhaps because the police are being bought.

The cops tend to look the other way, however, as long as there isn't full on intercourse in the clubs… and I should have stated so earlier, but I'm sure in most cases full-on intercourse for money at the clubs is rare… take it outside to a love hotel…

But… the Pink Clubs will pretty much offer everything else short of penis to vagina penetration (for money). If you can imagine it, some one else has already conceived of it, and has convinced some Japanese woman to provide said sexual stimulation.

So the Pink Club is not a whorehouse. It just looks like one.

Let's say we were to enter a Pink Club… listed on a menu, are all of the 'services' offered. The house rules, as well as all the prices are written out, so a member can not be ripped off by the female operator.

It's all up front. 

While I am sure there are pink clubs that allow sexual intercourse for money on the premises (here in Toronto, there are gentlemen's strip clubs and filthy sex strip clubs…  there they only care if you brought money, not what your family lineage is… but I'm just saying one need not judge Japan so harshly here), as I said you can pretty much get everything else.

Some examples of Pink Club activities include:

  • "Imprint service"  - the customer paints, with a brush and ink, Japanese calligraphy onto the woman's body. The woman then sits down on Japanese rice paper leaving an imprint… so I would assume you should write your calligraphy backwards so you can read it later, because when she's done imprinting, you get to take it home! I have no idea who you show such wonderful art to, but there you go. Does sperm silage occur? Not sure… perhaps that's extra;
  • "Pantyhose Ripping" - On a a few occasions, I have been with a woman who wore my favorite black medium-hole fishnet stockings knowing what I like, insisting I rip the damn things off her. I need not be asked twice. Now, for the Japanese man not as lucky as myself (admittedly I only got to do this to two Japanese women in Japan, and doing it every time the thrill would get old), there are clubs where this is all they offer. The lucky customer gets to choose what type of pantyhose he wants her to wear: black, beige, sparkly, or fishnet stockings and panties… and then he gets to rip them off her like the savage animal he is. For ¥2000 ($20) more, the man gets to keep the torn pantyhose or other material.
This is just me talking, but when you have a woman dress up in something like this because she wants you to rip them off—that is way more thrilling than having her do it for money. You can't fake lust. I hope.

Apparently I wield a lot of influence on people, so let me just state outright that I am not advising any woman to get into these types of profession.

In Canada, I once had a woman ask me about the ins and outs of prostitution, how they protect themselves, how to set up shop, etc… do you really need to ask? I know plenty about many things. Anyhow, years later I found out that that same woman had become a prostitute. Mea culpa… but really, I thought she was just curious. 

Women in the Pink Club industry can get very rich. They keep about half of the money they take in, though I would imagine about 80% of their profits is spent on purchasing disinfectant soap and mouth wash, with estimates of clearing about $140,000 annually.

Apparently each woman receives a base salary, plus percentages for performing the extra services (usually 50%), plus even a bonus every time they are chosen by a customer… basically the rich get richer.

Like your best friend when you are sneaking around on your spouse (I'm neither and I'm not), many pink clubs provide the women with "Alibi Services".

Despite the money and glamor of working in a club where a grown man will pee on himself and you as you change his diaper, women do not want people to know where they work. Hunh. Go figure.

Anyhow… since most of the women in the industry are unmarried, odds are very good that they are still living at home with their mother and father. They disappear at night to work… the parental units are curious… so they do the obvious and tell them they are waitressing at a restaurant… and if the parents decide to call the establishment because they are confused why their daughter has more money than Satan, if they call the work number she provided, a special Alibi operator will answer it "Denny's!" or whatever place they told them they were at. It apparently works, though I've never seen a Denny's waitress driving a Porsche.

Like any worker who enters the sex industry of their own volition, many enter, few stay longer than a few months.

Yes, the money is good, but you get to deal with a lot of ugly men (both inside and out). Some will stick around in the business, and as long as they are smart enough to not blow it on booze or drugs, they can make lots of money and then get out… and then use their college or university education to get themselves a real job that pays less and has men grab their ass for free. 

I really seem down on Japanese men here…

By the way… you cold probably be a full-blown alcoholic, but as long as you did your job - great.

Drugs? That will get you fired. Drugs in Japan will bring cops nosing around, and no ''mostly legal-sorta illegal" establishment wants cops sniffing around… unless that's what a customer is paying for. 

Anyhow… we're talking about sex and all its various vagaries—excluding intercourse—and Japan's puling of the Pink Club industries, so no one should be hard on (no pun intended) on the Japanese.

Somewhere someone is shaving a sheep while a naked (wearing panties) Little Bo Peep Show smacks him on the bum with her crook,

Andrew Joseph 
PS: I have no idea if that sheep thing exists, but I read that if you can think it, Japan's pink clubs offer it. Remember, when it comes to sheep… shearing time is when the shepherds can finally see them naked.
PPS: Why don't sheep shrink when it rains? Actually they do. If they didn't they'd be the size of Tokyo Dome.
PPPS: I've got a million of 'em. Well, actually that's all folks.

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