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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Japan's Virtual Reality Sex Game - Video

In case you haven't heard, Oculus Rift is a sensory-enhancing 3D virtual reality device that lets you feel like you are in an alternate world.

So... what do the Japanese do with this powerful technology?

They create porn, or rather sex games.

Check out one little Japanese fella giving it the old college try with a robotic toy dressed up as a school girl.

While it could be a junior high school student, for legal reasons let's say it's more than likely a senior high school hump buddy.

Don't worry... it's obscene for Puritans et al, but "clean" otherwise for the rest of you heathens:

Did the young man know he was being filmed? Did he care? All I know is that he was really giving it to the miniature VR girl… he did show some inexperience by only utilizing two positions, then again, it was only a 1 minute 30 second video clip.

I suppose if we kept watching, he might have finished six seconds later… and someone was going to have to carefully hand him a box of tissue paper.

I got to try out an Oculus Rift VR set two years ago… I walked around a warehouse and manipulated a packaging line machine… because that's what was offered at the packaging trade show. That's me in red sweater in the top-most image in this blog... and you can see from the screen on the table, no sex dolls were hurt in the filming of my foray into VeeAreLand.

You can read all about the technology HERE.

I walked away with a slight headache after about five minutes of immersion into the VR world… a usual result… but what would it be like in a VR sex game?

I'm pretty sure I'm going longer than five minutes regardless of who or what I am riding… but would my head explode before I hit the one hour mark?

That's from a .GIF from the old David Cronenberg flick Scanners.  

Japan… yeah, its got robots, sushi and created Godzilla… but aren't you a little bit curious to manage one of these VR devices for yourself in a sex game?

Want to play a game?
Andrew "I feel like having pizza" Joseph
PS: Thanks to Julien for the 'heads' up! 

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  1. I hope there's a 2 player option on the game. Compete with your friends or do the tag team option.