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Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Player For Nintendo

OMG, Nintendo Co., Ltd. has named its new president, and it's a guy from HR (Human Resources) aka Managing Director—Kimishima Tatsumi (surname first) (君島 達己).

Really? Couldn't find any accountants to liven things up?

Oh well… at least this guy has some presidential experience.

Prior to owning roles as a managing director and (currently) head of human resources, Kimishima was the president of Nintendo of America Inc. between 2002 and 2006.

There… that alone should tell you just what the Japanese run Nintendo thinks of America.

You take a guy who was president of the American operations and then after a while he gets promoted to become the head honcho of human resources for the parent company?

It's considered a promotion because he gets out of the wilderness that is gaijin-land and placed back into the safe and friendly confines of its Japanese headquarters.

At least that's what I took out of this hiring process.

As well… as the HR dude, don't you do all of the hiring? Is that how he really got his job? I know, I know… I'm just bitter that I didn't get a call back after my interview.

The hiring of Kimishima is a bit of a surprise for those in the know, as it was expected that the title would have gone to one of Miyamoto Shigeru or Takeda Genyo (both surname first), as they were the ones who ran Ninnendo after Iwata Satoru died back on July 11, 2015.

Perhaps we can look at the promotion of Kimishima with renewed light. No only had he previously worked for nearly 30 years at Sanwa Bank of Japan, he was also the chief financial officer of The Pokémon Company in 2000 as well as the president of the Pokémon USA Inc. in 2001. He has ben with Nintendo since 2002.

Waitaminute… 27 years at Sanwa… five more at Nintendo America… plus however long he was the HR/Managing director guy, and then his two roles with Pokémon… just how the fug old is this guy?

Are we going to have to watch Nintendo go through another hiring process soon because they keep hiring guys who are so old they thought Pong was the future of gaming? Well, I suppose it was…

During his 27-year tenure at Sanwa Bank of Japan Kimishima was posted in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and in Central America and the Caribbean. One of his two daughters lives in New York now, with the other in Japan.

Kimishima officially assumed the presidential title as of September 16, 2015, with Miyamoto moving over as a Creative Fellow and Takeda as a Technology Fellow, with both remaining senior managing directors at the company.

Kimishima is the fifth president of Nintendo.
  • Yamauchi Fusajiro (1889–1929)
  • Kaneda Sekiryo (1929–1949)
  • Yamauchi Hiroshi (1949–2002)
  • Iwata Satoru (2002–2015)
  • (ACTING presidents) Miyamoto Shigeru or Takeda Genyo (2015)
  • Kimishima Tatsumi (2015–present)
For the record, Kimishima was born on April 21, 1950 in Tokyo, making him 65 years old. As you can see from the photograph at the top, he looks very happy with his promotion.

Andrew Fallow Fellow Joseph

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