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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nintendo Collectors Rejoice

I like Nintendo and write about the company quite often, which may confuse some people when I admit that I am now more of a Sony PlayStation kind guy when it comes to my video games…

But once upon a time…

My son does have a Nintendo 3DS, however, and I still, on occasion will play with my old GameBoy… but I became a Nintendo guy after I purchased my first SuperFamicon in Japan back in 1990 a month or so after I moved into my apartment in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken.

(I'm sure I created quite the splash with the students who were in the small toy store that day, as I plunked down cool hard cash for it, and a game. Here was a gaijin (foreigner) adult who likes what we like.)

The SuperFamicon was the Japanese version (and thus the first version) of the SNES system put out by Nintendo for North America et al.

As you know, I only stayed in Japan for three years, and then returned back home to Toronto, Canada… meaning I had a problem with my video game system.

Electronically, everything was cool… but the North American version cartridges would NOT fit into the slot made for Japanese cartridges. There were also language-differences in the games, meaning I played more generic games in Japan (like Super Mario Bros.) because understanding Japanese wasn't a requirement…

So… it meant I could not play North American games on my Japanese Nintendo system… unless I cracked open the plastic shell casing and then placed the exposed computer board into the cartridge slot on the gaming system.

What can I say… it worked. But how stupid was it that I had to do that?

I kept purchasing Nintendo video game systems until around 2005, when I did switch to Sony's PlayStation II because I wanted to play some of their system specific games. As well, the PlayStation gave me access to Blue Ray capabilities…

See… providing game support IS important in creating needed purchasing decisions for the consumer.

Nintendo offered the Wii… a great little system that offered more gaming control with its wrist controller that provided the gamer with a bit more physical action.

When I'm playing at 2AM, I don't want to move too much… and besides, all of the video games I saw for the Wii looked too kiddie. I wanted more solid graphics, not kiddie, cutsie-pie crap graphics and gameplay. I want to kill ninja that look like real ninja.

I will say that by going after a younger market and marketing itself as a game system that anyone could play (rather than pimply-faced teenage boys (and ex-pimply faced teenage boys), Nintendo was perhaps willing to sacrifice short-term for long-term brand loyalty.    

Who am I to argue with perceived observational logic? Nintendo has been around for over 125 years - read a bit on the company HERE and HERE- and have been in the video game industry since the 1970s.

Now, I'm not one of them—despite my hobby being hobbies—but some people like to collect all things Nintendo.

As a collector, I know how consuming it is as you try and fill the holes in your soul with… stuff. I don't collect for financial gain, however, rather for the sake of possessing… and Buddha help me, I don't know which is worse.

Anyhow… Nintendo collectors…. there's a butt load of stuff for you to collect. Do you have a Love Tester machine (HERE)? How about a tabletop Donkey Kong game that when you hit the Jump button in the right place and at the right situation, you can jump into a secret world where you battle a dinosaur that, except for its color, looks just like Yoshi?

Okay, I'm kidding about that one… but it made you want to have it, right? Quoting Pokemon - you 'gotta catch'em all', right?

But what exactly are you trying to collect. Nintendo, sure… but what?

If only there was some sort of resource that might help a fanatic out…

How about     

This is your one-stop shop, with checklists of hardware and software, as well as other fun Nintendo-related collectibles like toys, posters, publications and more.

There's even an active forum, so should you have a collecting question, you'll probably find someone there willing to provide you with the correct answer.

Any Nintendo collectors out there - I'd be curious to learn what sort of things you collect.

Andrew Joseph
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