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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Taiwan Pre-Pay Cards Featuring Japanese AV Star Sell Out

Well… I guess we know that the folk in Taiwan like the Japanese porn…

A two-card, special edition set of Taiwan public transit swipe cards sold out in hours.

Featuring Japanese AV (adult video) star Hatano Yui (surname first), the pre-pay cards are hardly titillating, showing the 27-year-old "actress" fully clothed but perhaps showing some cleavage in the Angels cards, and even less-revealing and less flattering photo on the Demons cards.

The 15,000 limited run cards went on sale via telephone order at the Taiwan EasyCard Corp. on September 1 midnight, selling out by 4:18AM.

I would assume that for that many to be sold that quickly, multiple sets were purchased for resale later by profiteers, rather than by true fans of Japanese porn.

Strangely enough I find Japanese AV to be uninspired, so no big deal to me.  Also I don't live in Taiwan…

These cards can also be used for convenience store purchases.

While the young woman says she likes Taiwan and wants to help the car company's charity donation scheme, there are quite a few advocacy groups all up in arms about the card company's decision to place a porn star on such a card.

I have no idea if these people saw the cards before they were released, but if you look at them - what the heck is the big deal?  I guess they did see them ahead of time…

Critics include: parents; politicians and women's advocacy groups, all of whom say the images disrespect women and send the wrong message to children.

The hubbub was so strong that plenty of stores in Taiwan refused to sell them, causing the distribution to occur via telephone hotline.

It's obviously NOT the image itself that must have people up in arms, but rather the fact that an AV star is being used… not that fact that she's Japanese.

Turns out the Taiwanese actually have a soft spot for Japanese things… with them liking Japanese culture… a fact backed up with some 3-million Taiwanese visitors to Japan in 2014 alone… Japan's #1 visitor.

Obviously Taiwan doesn't hold any grudges, as Japan was a colonizer of Japan from 1895-1945, after China lost the first Sino-Japan War (1894-1895).  This was, of course, when Asian power shifted from China to Japan.

Taiwan was Japan's first colony.

The cards were sold for Taiwan $15.40, with all proceeds for its sales going to charity.

That's cool. As for everyone else protesting the cards… the cards are not racy. No women or children were forced into a sex camp to manufacture these cards. Adult men (I assume) are the only ones purchasing these cards - where's the harm?

Is Japanese AV actress Hatano Yui being forced to perform in sex movies against her will? If so, maybe we have a beef, but she's not uttered a complaint about anything.

Sadly, the card company is buckling under the social pressure of righteous Taiwan, promising to conduct an internal review after it apologized online for the release of these special edition cards.

Boo, Taiwan. Let's ask the charities involved if they appreciate the financial kick start from the sale of these cards.

Andrew Joseph

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