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Friday, October 30, 2015

Ahead Of The Curve: Reality Meets Fantasy

It's been a long while since I was ahead of the curve... maybe back when I wore teal back in 1992... paisley shirts in the early 1980s... I don't even try anymore. Because... well, I mentioned the 1990s and 1980s as part of my life as an adult.

I accidentally was ahead of the curve on October 29th, when I published an article HERE about the Mewgaroo, only to learn later that it WAS actually U.S. National Cat Day. Thanks, FFF!

Anyhow... the image above is a screen capture photo I took from the television program Heroes: Reborn, yesterday evening (October 29).

It shows a character's Japanese apartment.

As mentioned on my October 28th blog, this is actually my favorite Japanese building - HERE - the Nakagin Capsule Tower located in Tokyo.

Ahead of the curve? No, not really. Many other blogs about Japan have probably written about this apartment building long before myself... but at least my timing is curious.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Curiouser and curiouser ... You've got me re-reading Alice as you refer to it quite a bit here and there throughout the blog. I got through 2009 and most of 2010 and then started reading random titles. A very interesting journey! =D

    1. If you know the Grateful Dead - what a long, strange trip it's been.
      You probably haven't met Junko yet. That was a very interesting time.
      I think my diary aspects of the blog have Rock and Roll titles.

    2. The first time I ever talked to one of this blog's readers, she quoted something from Alice In Wonderland, and I called her on that... and pulled the copy I keep at work to read her the full quote.
      Obviously it caused quite the stir. Not sure why I like the book, except that I do. She sent me this link a few minutes after I write the response above. Timing, eh.

    3. Now that's freaky. I'm a little afraid. But ... not really. I have met Junko in my random picks. Your blog titles look like my playlist, and I am same age as your mother when she passed. So weirdness all round as far as I'm concerned. But If you'll allow me -- I see some interesting connections, so I'll comment on posts where I see those and tell you a little about my journey. OK? (It seems so one-sided otherwise ...)

    4. By all means - feel free. I'm about to be three years shy of you come this Sunday.
      By the way, I meant 'wrote' not 'write' - I'm a tad lightheaded with a head cold.
      Blog titles as your play list? neato. Not everything mentioned as a song was something I listened to, but I still knew of the songs/music.
      I used to watch rock videos before the US had MTV... we Canucks had The New Music, back when John Roberts was cutting his teeth there as a host before making waves as a top US news anchor.
      No... feel free to explain the parallels or the differences with regards to yourself. You had me at 'afraid'.'