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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Breaking Barriers One Photo At A Time

Over at, Brian Ashcraft has written an article that shows how Japan's fashion industry seems to be thumbing its collective nose at long-standing Japanese traditions of manners OR that it is attempting to bring Japan kicking and screaming into the 20th century.

No… not the 21st century… the 20th century. One has to start someplace.

Anyhow, click HERE to read the article and to learn the impracticality of taking on Japanese tradition and hoping for anything more than shock-value.

As an aside, you can read about my first entrance into a Japanese home, and how I  committed the very same faux pas 25 years earlier. Here's FASHIONNNN as ably supported as I am by Alice who sent me the article.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Image above: by Christian Louboutin via 2ch
While I think the shoes actually do go with the kimono-style dress, I find it intriguing that the woman has her wrists bound to her ankles in a way I had not thought of before. Naughty robot. 

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