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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cross-Dressing In Japan

People who know me know I don't really care a whit about people's lifestyles.

I'm the kind of guy who believes that as long as you aren't doing anything illegal - it's all good.

And so I give you the above photo.

Is anyone else curious as to just where the fug this guy is going or coming from?

Okay... I have one of these Japanese school girl costumes, too.

In my defense, it was for Halloween, and I wore it to a costume party in Japan...

... and also out on the streets of Toronto for an office Halloween party... of course it was two days before the actual Halloween date... so I must have looked like this guy... except I didn't have a beard.

Because I refused to shave my legs, I wore a one-size fits all pair of orange fishnet stockings... despite the holes, it kept my leg hair under the nylon. How the hell does that happen? If it didn't, I was going to have to shave my legs!

Still, in my mind, I had a legitimate excuse... so who's to say this Japanese gentleman didn't either?

I suspect, however, that his outfit wasn't for Halloween.

Andrew Joseph

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