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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gamera Movie Marathon

Turtle power!

Forget about those teenage ninja mutant turtles for a moment and let's look back at the biggest and best turtle ever—Japan's number two kaiju, Gamera.

Well… he is number two - after Godzilla. Sorry, Gamera.

Kaiju, by the way, is Japanese for 'monster', and kaiju eiga means 'monster movie'.

As a kid, I loved watching Gamera, and recently introduced my son to the first movie. He loved it so much he wanted to see the new Godzilla movie… but he, like myself, was disappointed with that effort. More monster, please.

Now… I've never been disappointed with a Gamera movie… maybe because I watched them when I was a kid, and everything is better when you are a kid (except for my son and that last Godzilla movie… you're killing my son's childhood!).

Anyhow… maybe you feel the same way. And here's a chance to prove it.

While there is a 99.9% probability that I'll be watching the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team this weekend, there is a chance I will also be tuning to watch a Gamera movie marathon on-line. Certainly when the game's over.

This weekend, we can see The Kaiju Movie Marathon: Gamera’s Revenge - presented by Shout! Factory TV and monster magazine Famous Monsters, the monstrous movie marathon comes in time to celebrate Gamera’s 50th anniversary.

I admit to being unfamiliar with Shout!, but I did make a quick visit to the website - and it seems pretty darn cool.

So… starting on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 8 AM ET, there is 16 straight hours of giant turtle mayhem - ending, 12 AM on October 18, but will feature a total of 11 Gamera films.

Schedule of Films
Times listed are EST, approximate and subject to change.

  • 8:00AM — Gamera: The Giant Monster (1965)
  • 9:30AM — Gamera VS. Barugon (1966)
  • 11:15AM — Gamera VS. Gyaos (1967);
12:45PM — Gamera VS. Viras (1968)
  • 2:15PM — Gamera VS. Guiron (1969);
  • 3:45PM — Gamera VS. Jiger (1970);
  • 5:15PM — Gamera VS. Zigra (1971)
  • 7:00PM — Gamera: Super Monster (1980);
  • 8:15PM — Gamera: Guardian Of The Universe (1995);
10:00PM — Gamera 2: Advent Of Legion (1996);
11:45PM — Gamera 3: Revenge Of Iris (1999).
The movie marathon will be hosted by kaiju expert August Ragone, who will share inside details on making the films. He’ll also live tweet during the marathon with kaiju fanatics, using #Gamera.

Do you think he has 'Kaiju Insider" written on his business cards?

The viewings are free, streaming live on,
Pluto TV channel 427, and through Pluto TV on iOS, Android, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire.

Watch and have fun.

Andrew Joseph

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