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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hello Kitty Dresses For Women

As you can see from the images here, there are such things as Hello Kitty dresses.

I wouldn't bother to comment on this at all, except for the fact that these aren't kid's dresses, but are instead Women's dresses.

Is it sexist of me to wonder aloud about the type of woman who would proudly wear her Hello Kitty dress out in the park?

Okay... I actually have no idea where one would wear such an evening gown... the Prom? I don't think they have Proms in Japan... so where the heck would one wear this? To a wedding? These are purported to be wedding dresses... Dude... what are you getting yourself into?

I, myself, have a few T-shirts replete with comic book characters on them: Three various Green lantern logos (Rage, Greed and Death); a (multiples, actually) Strange Fun Comics logo featuring the Death Tarot card - it shows off the independent comic book company I used to co-run; have one with various Homer Simpson talking heads re: pork products and salad; and a collared shirt featuring a mishmash of 1960s and 70s Marvel Comics characters. Sassy, but classy. Not.

Am I sexist, in this regard? I don't want to be. It's why i bring the point up for all to see.

My shirts are tee-shirts, and certainly the collared shirt isn't one I would wear at any other time except on the weekend or after work… but would a woman where her Hello Kitty dress any other way also?

I know I'm immature… or ahead of the curve, if you will.

I've been a comic book fan since the 1970s and have amassed a 35,000-piece collection. I've also published some 25 stories in 14 different comic books.

I'm a nerd and a geek. Meaning I've made money doing nerdy things. Actually, I'm a piss-poor geek, as I probably lost money publishing the comic books - but whatever! Somewhere out there in the great State of Illinois, people purchased my might works and trembled at its awesomeness.

Obviously I just write the stuff - I can't draw - not even a gun even though I learned the martial arts. Lots of word play in that sentence.

So… despite my initial chagrin at seeing a Hello Kitty dress for women - should I be surprised?

Hello Kitty isn't just a kiddie phenomenon or a Japanese one—it's a global one that adults have also obviously embraced…

I'm just not sure I would want to rip/remove/unzip a Hello Kitty dress off a woman… it just would feel dangerously wrong.

They are rather pretty, however.

Andrew Joseph

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