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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Laundroid Wants To Fold Your Clothes

So - Japan is finally back in the fold in creating really cool robots.

The laundry folding Laundroid can now join the ranks of other cool 'bots like: the floor-cleaning robot; the 24-finger hair-raising robot; and of course the amazing robot that feeds you tomatoes while you run.

Wait… eating tomatoes while you run? I like tomatoes… but while I run? I guess it's a good thing I don't like running.

By the way… do I have to carry the robot while it feeds me tomatoes? If I do, I'm guessing that's going to be one mother-Fu@#@ing run… and I sure ain't gonna need any tomatoes stuffed down my throat to provide me with that quick boost of drippy energy.

"Roma?! Tomatoes?! Stupid robot! I said Compari Tomatoes!"

It's real. Meet Tomaton... designed by a Japanese vegetable juice company, it looks like a little boy with a fat, red head - and you wear Tomaton like a backpack.

It weighs 8-kg (18 pounds) and features a tomato-shaped head with a mouth that opens to dispense the tomato into circular metal arms that then come down over the person's mouth to feed them a tomato.

And this, believe it or don't, isn't even the crux of the story!

Let's look at Laundroid. See image at the very top of this blog. She looks real, eh? Actually, that's just the speaker taking the folded laundry out of the Laundroid.

Firstly, does anyone else think it's strange that Japanese scientists are coming up with ways to make the daily routine of the Japanese housewife easier?

As well all know and love (sarcasm), Japanese women after having kids, are relegated to the role of housewife. Now I know there is not damn thing wrong with being a housewife - but in Japan's case, the women is rarely afforded the opportunity to stop being a housewife.

And now... we have a robot that aims to remove some of the daily chores of the average Japanese housewife.  

Pretty soon all she's going to have to do is drink and consider sleeping around. But since all the Japanese men are working, she'll have to go lesbian. Nothing wrong with that. I've gone lesbian. Still am.

The Laundroid looks like a cupboard… so there's no cool octopus arms a-flying all over the place - so visually that sucks.

in fact… it looks like a cupboard because the Laundroid is indeed a partnership of Daiwa House - Japan's biggest homebuilder; Panasonic; and Seven Dreamers.

Seven Dreamers had a hand in the construction of the Haybusa asteroid chasing spacecraft (read about that HERE).

The thought is, that all new homes built by Daiwa House will come with it's own Laundroid.

Here's the video showing the Laundroid at work.

Holy crap... did you see the Japanese woman doing the demo? If her pants were any tighter, you could see if she had a wax job done or not. Not. 

It only took five minutes for Laundroid to fold one effing shirt, which is still faster than my wife… the laundry comes up in a crumple in the hamper, and then it's forgotten until I fold it.

Hey - if I do the laundry, I do the folding. But if she does the laundry, why is it that 50 percent of the time I also do the folding?

Laundroid where are you?

Oh yeah… still working on that first shirt.

Holy crap the Laundroid is slow.

If I'm the one feeding the shirts into the Laundroid, do I do so one piece of laundry at a time?

Does that mean that if I have some 80 pieces of laundry, do I have to wait some 400-minutes before everything is complete. That's six hours and 40-minutes.

Good thing I can convert the Tomaton into a plain old Slicerbot. Yes... a robot armed with a knife...

"Yosh… what's for dinner? I am hungry!"
"Again? Grrrr. I work hard all day long and all I get for dinner from you is tomatoes?!  I'm going for a jog down to the nearby noodle shop - Udon Love Me. Where's my Tomaton?"

We all know that above scene was fake. It would never be in English.

The Laundroid is hidden in a cupboard....

On the left screen, we are shown all of the high-tech calculations required to make us think the Laundroid is working… but does anyone else wonder if there is a real person behind the screen doing the actual folding and pretending to be the Laundroid?

The Laundroid debuted at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) trade show in Japan this past October 7-10, 2015.

Okay, so how does it work?

Apparently, by using image analysis, Laundroid identifies the type of clothing received (boy shorts panties; Tee-shirt; sock - singular - the other one is behind the rotating drum in the washing machine), which then sets off the robotic processes required to fold the garment.

Currently, the machine can fold Tee-shirts, collared shirts, skirts, shorts, trousers and towels.

Socks remain the robot’s biggest challenge, although the makers aim to have this sorted by the time the machine is released.

Now... even Laundroid's builders estimate that a full load of laundry placed within the cupboard will take about seven hours to fold - holy crap! My guess was pretty damn close! (You don't think I read the whole article and then comment do you? I comment as I read and re-write it!) (It makes my writing seem less contrived.)

The plan, according to the Laundroid creators, is to do the folding in the evening and night, so it will be ready in the morning. Okay that makes sense.

If this thing is folding all night long - how much energy does this take?

What happens in five years from now when your Laundroid breaks down? By then everyone in your family will have forgotten how to fold clothes - mostly because that was mom's job… and now with nothing left to do chore-wise, mom's a raging alcoholic.

Okay, but I can sense that you, dear reader, are a lazy bugger and want one for your house… there's no price tag for one yet… but pre-orders for the Laundroid will begin in 2016, followed by a release of beta models and then folding machines for commercial use.

You know the beta models are the ones that will fug up… they're the testers for a reason. But, since there are people out there who have to be the first to have everything, I'm sure you'll love your beta Laundroid.

Keep in mind that by 2019, Laundroid's creators will release the alpha Laundroid.

Further plans, will of course have a real Laundroid bot that can do everything like I can: wash, dry and fold.
The ultimate goal is to allow us human beings a chance to not waste the approximately 18,0000 hours (750 days) that we waste doing laundry during our life time.


Here's what I did on Monday: Three minutes to dump the colored clothes in the washer. 7 seconds to add laundry soap. 10 seconds to set the appropriate dials. Go do stuff for an hour. 1 second to open the washer lid. 30 seconds to move damp clothes into the dryer. Five seconds to reset and start the dryer. 10 more seconds if I had to clean the lint collector (done after every dry cycle). Go do stuff for an hour.
Spend 30 seconds stuffing dry clothes into a basket.30- seconds climbing up the stairs to the living room. 20 minutes to fold.

Not only do I get some exercise (not much, but more than if I had a Laundroid, but less than if I had a Tomaton - great name, by the way... I assume it's only brilliant in English, however.)… but I now have the clothes separated into clothes type and by clothes wearer, which now makes it easier for me to replace into the clothes hamper and then hand-place into the specific clothes drawers.

By the way… what about ironing?

Oh dear, I suppose they'll create a robot for that, too:

The irony is, he is Iron Man. Image by
Y'know… when one really thinks about some modern conveniences… it ain't all that convenient.

I might want one of those 24-finger hairwashing bots. Could that also be used my unscrupulous people as some sort of masturbatory device? Er…. not for me, of course.

Somewhere eating tomatoes,
Andrew Joseph