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Friday, October 2, 2015

Pokemon Says: Kit My Butt!

Alice knows I like my butts (not necessarily big butts, I can not lie), but nicely-shaped butts, as well as my own muscular butt… but Pokémon butts?

Beginning October 10, 2015, at the official Japanese Pokémon Center store, you can get your hand on as much Pokémon butt as you want.

Uh... doesn't the Piplup look like he's straining to poop? Thank goodness he's not facing the cup's interior!
This is just weird enough to be a successful product line for Pokémon.

Pokémon butts can be found on a wide range of products such as: coffee cups; boxers and briefs: coin purses (yes, even a guy can have one in Japan); pillows; tote bags; and much more Pokémon butt crap.
I am going to assume that the boy's/men's undies are on the left... but holy camel-toe, those women's ones (this can't be for little girls!) are showy...
I wish I knew if the clothing DID come in adult sizes... as evidenced by the underwear in the photo above, I just don't want this stuff to be for kids... it just looks too sick, y'know what I mean?

I think this is a key-ring, or what the Japanese call a keyholder.The first time I was asked about my keyholder, I had no freaking clue what the Japanese were talking about. Is keyholder an European term picked up by the Japanese?
All part of the Hip Pop! Parade collection, you can pick your Pokémon butt of your choice, as the line includes six different Pokémon butts for different products.

I know that the Pokémon butts available are: Pikachu, Swablu, Growlithe, Piplup, Marill, and something else. Someone who knows their Pokémon butts should feel free to tell me which one I am missing.
  • Pikachu and Swablu cushions: ¥2,500 each (US $20.80);
  • Soft and fuzzy rears for your phones and bags: ¥700 each ($5.80);
  • Pass cases for your commuter cards: ¥1,150 each ($9.50);
  • Rubber charms: ¥1,000 for the set ($8.30);
  • Butt pouches: ¥1,150 each ($9.50);
  • Squishy magnets: ¥600 each ($5);
  • Foldable eco-bags with just Pikachu and Growlithe: ¥1,800 each ($15);
  • Coasters – ¥600 each ($5);
  • Cups – ¥1,300 each ($10.80);
  • Hand towel – ¥500 ($4.20);
  • Men’s and Women’s Pikachu boxer shorts - ¥1,500 each ($12.50) - so it's not for kids! I'm pretty sure that those are actually Women's Boy Shorts, by the way;
  • File folders - ¥240 each ($2);
  • Artistic tape - ¥600 yen ($5).
Why are there no Pokémon butt buttons? Stamps? Is legal to lick such a stamp? Who cares. 

By the way...  Hip Pop! Parade... why is the exclamation point after 'Pop!'? Shouldn't it be after 'Parade'?

So, as we all know, 'Pokémon' is the Japanese-English term for 'Pocket Monsters', which is how these guys are known in Japan... so what we have here are Pocket Monster Butts, which just sounds so ridiculously sexually-suggestive that even I'm not going to go there.

I'm not even going to mention how 'Pokémon' sounds like pokey man... and now with butts?

The Pokémon Center is the series' official Japanese retailer and has various locations across the country.

Click HERE to find out where a Pokemon Center in Japan is near you. The link is English!!!

Only available in Japan, right now, it is available on, where some of the items can also be picked up online.

Okay, let's end things now.

Somewhere lamenting that there is no Bulbasaur butt,
Andrew Joseph
PS: This is the fourth of five blogs in a row where the idea was supplied Alice. That's a lot of tickle.

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