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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Mewgaroo - Japanese Fashion Statement

On the outset, the Mewgaroo hoodie looks absolutely ridiculous.

A combination of cat (mew, it says) and kangaroo (which according to my my old Japanese English book used to teach Grade 7 junior high school kids, means "I don't know" in reference to what the name of that hopping marsupial was called when asked by Captain Cook), the Mewgaroo is apparently a comfortable overcoat  featuring over-sized sleeves with thumbholes looking like paws with claws, and hood caps that look like ears, and… most importantly… possess a cat or small dog-sized pouch (the kangaroo thing, again) that the wearer can place their precocious pet in while the owner walks around town and pretends to be oblivious to the knowing stares of every person they pass on the street.

Whew! That was a long sentence.

The pet-pouch is fleece-lined, so those always shivering little dogs will not be so hard put out.  

According to the name of the clothing item, however, it is a cat carrier.

While I DO now own a cat (first one of four ever) that would not mind being carried in the Mewgaroo pouch, his 15 pound weight would at least permit me the opportunity to walk around as though I was pregnant with the offspring of some unholy union. So…. kewl!

Now I am unsure if this Mewgaroo is actually for outside use. I mean, I am pretty sure that a tiny shivering dog might stay, but outside of my own new human-dependent cat, Dante (still not sure of the name), I would figure most cats would attempt to get the hell out of the pouch and run into traffic to be killed by an old Japanese man riding with splayed legs upon his over-sized bicycle.

Now, because Japanese homes in areas not considered tropical, are not well insulated and are leaky and drafty prompting the use of semi-dangerous indoor kerosene heaters, utilizing a kotatsu like gal-pal Alice wants is great when you are stretched out in the living room.

But elsewhere around the house, the Mewgaroo could be useful as a provider of warmth to the human, and as some confusing giant cat to your pet.

The thing is, does your pet then need to sit in the Mewgaroo pouch for warmth when it could just crawl under some blankets and baste under the kotatsu?

Yeah, yeah… some cats (like Dante) just like to bask in the hellishly warm body of their owners for that whole proximity thing.

Oh well…

Holy crap! That looks like Dante!
The Mewgaroo is washable, so when your tiny puppy whizzes in your pouch, you don't have to come up with some excuse to explain the urine smell. Heck… even I can't come up with a good excuse. And this is ME!

As well, the pouch itself is removable for separate cleaning and even de-furring or de-hairing as the case may be.

Right now the Mewgaroo is a Japanese thing, but I suppose if enough of you tiny dog owners who don't mind being eye humped by four-legged creatures care, I'm sure it will be making its way to parts unknown that you call home soon enough.

If you are in Japan, and you don't give a crap what I say - and why the heck should you?! Your opinion is what matters, not some dumb blog writer who wishes he had the balls to purchase and wear one of these things - you can order one from, Rakuten Ichiba, or Yahoo! Shopping Japan

What the heck, eh? I'm sure there are plenty of ways in which the Mewgaroo - sans critter - could be used in some bizarre sexual fantasy game.

Thank you, FFF, for the heads up on this very interesting bit of Japanese fashion.

Andrew Joseph
That's a lot of cat stories this past week. I was also rushed when I found out that the work dinner I was going to on Thursday night also included a seminar I had to attend in the afternoon. I should never write these things in 15 minutes.


  1. Happy National Cat Day! (Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.) And in the words of the notorious Bill the Cat -- "Aack!" -- my moniker is now a tag in this blog. I'll consider that a compliment.

    1. Bloom County rules! Thbbft! Thanks for the inadvertent heads-up! LOL!

    2. Although I am unsure if anything you do is 'inadvertent'.

    3. Holy cats! October 29th was U.S. National Cat Day!!!!

    4. Serendipity. Thbbft! ;-p

    5. I need more serendipity! That sort of stuff used to happen to me on a near daily basis!

  2. I reluctantly admit that I sometimes zip our Chihuahua Carmen into my hoodie when it's cold out....

    1. I don't judge. The whole Mewgaroo thing confuses me. My last dog was a large chocolate labrador, before that four rottweillers, and before that two cocker spaniels - an English and an American. The spaniels were the smallest, but even then, they were never small enough to be a lap dog.
      Basically, I don't know how to handle small dogs. We've always had a large backyard for the dogs to run around in - in fact, I have purchased a house specifically for the size of the backyard in ANTICIPATION of me getting a large dog (in this case, Buster the brown lab).
      All I know, Pat, is if I had a Chihuahua named Carmen, I would stick a mini basket of fruit in her head and use it as my photo on all things digital... so it's probably good that none of my big dogs would have put up with my insanity.


      Not all are her.

      I have always had a preference for mid to small dogs - terriers and the like. I love the temperament and intelligence but they do take an awful lot of work to train properly.

    3. Ha! Cute! Story and Carmen are great. My cat Spek lasted 21 years until she passed last year. She... she would be smaller than Carmen.
      Okay - whoever created the bird dog and Groot costumes is amazing. I wondered just how they found such a life-like dog doll... and then I looked closely and realized it was a real teeny-tiny dog!
      Unlike a cat, I would be worried that I would sit on a little dog.
      The Rotties, they needed zero training - just niceness... they were smart and obedient. Buster the choco lab - smartest and dumbest dog ever. Headstrong. Liked to eat anything he could reach. Failed obedience school twice.
      Daffy - she came when I called. Dante... he likes to crawl on everything and won't stop clawing the couch. Should I call him Claude?