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Friday, November 13, 2015

Godzilla - Money In The Bank

If you are going to make a Godzilla movie, you better do it well. The Americans gave it a nice try with the 2015 movie, but even I, a die-hard fan, have to admit it was kindda boring, with too much of the story revolving around a guy who dies half-way through it.

More monster. More thriller, less filler!

If we want filler, the average Godzilla fan can get it from all of the ancillary merchandise the movie should generate.

I'm not talking about the stock action figures - okay, but ultimately it's going to be boring as it will look exactly like every other action figure produced for the Godzilla franchise that has been manufactured over the past 60 years.

The merchandise that is iconic, is the stuff that you can and will play with every single day of the year.... like the Godzilla bank from Shine, pictured above in anticipation of Japan once again grabbing the reins to make a Godzilla movie in a way that Hollywood can't. Good AND profitable.

Now, aside from maybe the first couple of Godzilla flicks back in the 1950s, Japan hasn't readily lit the world on radioactive fire with its various renditions of Godzilla. Or maybe it has... there are so many Godzilla flicks that never get the translation done to them, that we non-Japanese simply aren't privy to them.

But really... the first Godzilla movie was the best - and I'm not talking about that crap Americanized version with Raymond Burr tossed into the original Japanese scenes.

Perhaps the new version - I believe it is scheduled for a release in 2016 - will capture our imagination once again.

I can only hope it gets translated to various languages, and that the sync is off enough to bring back fond memories of old Japanese movies.

But, in the mean time, this very cool snatch and grab bank does grab ones imagination and coinage in more ways than one.

I want one!!!!

As you can see, the Godzilla bank has LED lights and sounds with a Godzilla roar and the classic Godzilla scream!!!! Holy crap, I nearly wet myself with both fear and excitement!

The new Godzilla snatch and grab bank—and I've certainly done my fair share of grabbing... uh, never mind...

The bank stands 150mm x 160mm x 126mm (LxWxH), and takes two AA batteries (not included for your inconvenience). The bank is made of ABS /PVC (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a common thermoplastic polymer... while I used to date a woman who wore a lot of PVC - Polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic plastic polymer. She would squeak when she moved. Probably needed baby powder.)

There are a few Godzilla grabby banks for sale on E-Bay - I saw one going for US $58 (with free shipping), which I think was the least expensive. Caveat emptor.

But Hells, it's still better than this Godzilla bank going for around US $45 (not including shipping):

He's the 12-inch Burning Godzilla Bust Bank.

To me, he kindda looks he's got on a sweater your mom knitted for him. She didn't know the proper size, so she just kept on knitting, figuring he'll grow into it.

While he doesn't move or roar, he might be poseable... still... the even-spreading of the orange and yellow heat was a nice, but stupid touch.

Andrew Joseph


  1. The missus loves Godzilla in all his forms. I do to but not as much as her. My best Godzilla story was walking up the road on garbage day in a rougher section of town. On one of the bins I spotted a plastic lizard looking thing. I stopped and picked it up (carefully) thinking it might be a dollar store knockoff but no - it was and actual 21" Toho Gojira! After a trip home in a sealed plastic bag and a good wash in soap, bleach and hot water, he now has pride of place in our living room.

    1. That's a GREAT find! I stupidly (or nicely) gave away the 21-inch Godzilla and King Ghidra figures to a student who stopped by my place to say good-bye 22 years ago. To throw one out, though? I guess that person never heard of E-Bay or Kijiji et al.