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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Japanese Girl Plays Flute With Her Boobs - No Nudity

Okay... first off, she's wearing a bra, but yes, presented for your amusement, is: A Japanese woman playing the recorder (vertical flute) using her boobs.

I know... you're like me... wondering if she uses her very nice boobs to somehow push out air—but no, she uses her mouth to force the air through the recorder.

It's her boobs that somehow manage to block off the 'finger holes' on the recorder to create different notes as she plays some song I've never heard of.

It might be random sounds, or it might be a real Japanese song. Who the heck knows?! Who the heck cares?!

The point is, my friends, is that she is using her boobs to play music. Video evidence below:    

In my defense, I have played with both a Japanese woman and her boobs, and have have played the recorder. Just never like that. I don't think she'd let me touch them.


Seriously, I can still make mine move without having to do jumping jacks or jogging—by actually flexing. Still, I'm no longer sure I can play the recorder. It might take me four or five minutes to relearn, and honestly, I can't spare the time.

Remember, it's not what song you play, but how you play it.

Andrew whatta boob Joseph   
PS: Thanks, Julien!

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