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Monday, November 2, 2015


Back in 2014, a British firm named Johnson Banks created Phonetikana, a Japanese katakana set of characters that could help people learn Japanese.

As you can see from the image above and below, each katakana has the romaji (English) translation incorporated in it. We have the five vowels or 'a-i-o-e-u' and the first two sets of sounds utilizing 'K' and 'S' combined with the vowels.
Sushi... it looks good, but does it taste good?
It's a nice try, in my opinion... and at first I thought it was brilliant... something I could use here to show off Japanese words... but...

How large does one have to have these images to be able to read them properly?

See the sushi image above? Think about how difficult it would be to read if it was as small as the letters here:

 ス and  シ. 

You wouldn't think it was so great then, would you?

It's just not practical enough for me to use to help you, the reader, learn a bit of Japanese alphabet.

I suppose it has its function somewhere, but just not in regular print medium.
While we can now read the signage, we still don't know what the hell it means.
I guess if you were advertising something via a billboard or sign one could make use of it.

Andrew Joseph
Thanks to Alice and Vinnie for the heads up on this.

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