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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Post Birthday Note

This past Sunday was my birthday, and it was pleasant.

The wife got me a pair of books  - detective books with a Japanese twist, somehow managing to entwine two of my favorite genres into one. Add in the fact that the detective stories take place in past - even better, as modern crime scene investigation techniques tend to take out the art of deduction, which is what makes a truly exciting detective novel for the reader.

For a well-written novel, the clues should be presented to at least offer the reader a modicum of hop of solving the mystery… but with modern tales, having to wait for DNA results to provide unerring certainty makes a detective novel, in my opinion, less intriguing.

Anyhow… I will detail what one of the two books is about at a later date, because I think it will be of tremendous interest to a few people—especially my Ohtawara neighbor, Matthew.

Though, knowing him… he probably already knows all about it.

Give me a week to read it, so I can provide a full opinion on its coolness… though I am only 30 pages in, and I am already… intrigued.

I had my birthday wish fulfilled when my son, Hudson came out with me to the park and he allowed me to pitch baseballs at him. I came close, but did not hit him. It's just to give him some practice in hitting - his weak spot, in my opinion.

We did some grounders/fielding practice. some long toss, and truly that was enough for me to have a good day.

Better yet, nothing hurt the next day.

So… back to a regular blog tomorrow.

A book review, I think, on an author who is more of an artist, whose work I truly, truly love.

Andrew Joseph

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  1. happy happy belated! (2 sick kids, running behind on life, oops & sorry!)
    - A