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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Japanese Male AV Star: Ken Shimiken

Born in 1979 in a small village a few hours outside of Tokyo, Sjimizu Ken (surname first 清水健) who goes by the name Shimiken, is THE King of male Japanese AV (adult video) stars.

With an estimated 70 (generous) to 30 (likely) male porno actors in Japan, Shimiken is very much in demand for an industry that films some 4,000 porno flicks a month... which, by his estimates, has him working 21 scenes a week, nine hours a day, seven days a week... all of which earns him ¥50,000 to ¥60,000 ($420 to $505) per shoot.

Taking the 70 men in the industry available for the 4,000 films per week, Shimiken and his 16 cm (6.3") pecker appear in one in every 57.14 of those films every month. Or if there are only 30 male actors, it means he is in 133.33 films a month.

Sorry, come again? Yes... and again and again. That's a lot of sex. 4+ times a day? I think I wish that a week - even by myself. Bucket of ice for Shimiken.

It's a good thing Shimiken likes sex... likes it a lot... likes it more than most Japanese people do, as a matter of fact, given Japan's seemingly lack of desire to copulate. Though given his rate of ejaculation, he likes it more than damn near everyone on the planet.

6.3"? That's a porno king?

Sure it is.

It's all about relative size, with the majority of Japan's female adult video performers being being quite diminutive. His 6.3" on screen looks like 9" when compared to the more familiar western female stars. It's all about perspective.

But surely there are more men clamoring to get into Japanese AV porn women. Imagine trying to have sex with a camera stuck between your legs and a bunch of people around you with lights, sound equipment and juice bottles providing direction on what you need to do or not do next.

"No... not yet... " causing you to have to think of something horrible to shake whatever euphoric feeling you were about to enjoy both physically and mentally. That's ejaculation and orgasm... two different things.

Every guy probably thinks they would like to do it - all that sex... but would you?

Kiss any sort of normal life or relationship bye-bye... in fact, Shimiken, although once married with two daughters tried, he is divorced, with the family living far away from him and his career... he says the kids don't know... and even if he was to go and visit them in Hokkaido, everyone there would know, and soon his kids could be ostracized or teased...

It's ain't easy being king.

Shimiken said that while still relatively new to the pron game and loaded with a fat wallet, finding housing in Japan was nigh impossible, as checks on employment showed him as involved in the porn industry... and despite many, many, many people wishing they were him doing everything to the actresses, his profession was /is still looked down upon.

He got lucky that one woman landlord had no problem renting to him as she was a fan, agreeing to rent to him if he would have dinner with her and a group of her friends. That's it? She could have asked for something else.

Back in high school at the age of 15, Shimiken knew he liked sex and liked it a lot... even acknowledging a few fetishes. He says he used to sneak out onto the school's roof an masturbate down so that his ejaculate would splatter against the window causing his female classmates to grunt in apparent disgust. I say apparent... I have no idea how they felt.

He's not normal. In high school he wrote a film review of the porn version of The Swiss Family Robinson (it translated into the 'poop and pee' Family Robinson... which was refused entry in the school paper, so he put it up on a bulletin board instead.

"Until I saw that movie, I was so ashamed of my own kinks and desires," he says. "Then I saw there is a place where I could live these things out and have fun—a place it's totally acceptable. Maybe there are other people like me, too."

He still managed to get accepted into a private university, but decided against going, deciding instead to get into modeling, while honing his physique into a buff one.

Shimiken has boinked his way into some 7,000 films over the past 18 years he has screwed over 7,500 different female costars, including: a former teen pop singer; Hungarian exchange students; and even a pair of 72-year-old twins. Holy GGILF! I mean the latter, of course.

For his first ever porn shoot, he answered an ad in a newspaper, and found out they wanted him to eat a plate of real feces... so he did. I am unsure from what creature, but we'll assume human.

He was paid ¥15,000 (US$126).

H was sick the next day and after a visit to a doctor was put on antibiotics and billed ¥20,000 ($168). Yes... you win some, you lose breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Is there anything he won't do? He says there was one time he was asked to have sex with an actress after she had finished having sex with a dog. He agreed to the scene only after a rewrite where the dog merely licked butter off the woman. Holy crap! Maybe that exclamation should have been a few paragraphs higher.

For the first year, he did odd jobs and did those university lab experiment tests.

He seems like a nice guy, quirks and all...

Then there was the other stuff.

While still an up and comer in the world of AV, he got a job as a TV personality on a Japanese evening show. If you've ever seen any of these variety shows, they are pretty brutal to damn near everyone on it - host and guest.

While the TV show knew he was an AV star, the mainstream public didn't... so they decided to screw him by telling the viewing pubic, I mean public that he was a AV actor.

Although everyone in his hometown knew, et al, he didn't feel the need to apologize for his line of work, and instead owned up to it, embracing it even saying on-air that he had eaten feces, doing so with a non-apologetic honesty.

He was a hit! An honest pervert?! Sure...

That TV show then began a segment called "Let's Fix Shimiken", where they sent Shimiken out on extreme activities like bungee-jumping and sky-diving to see if it could 'fix' him of his pornographic 'addiction', but it didn't. Instead, more AV jobs came pouring in, because now the mainstream public wanted to see more of him in real action.

The AV folks would have him pick up real women off the street and get them to come back to his house where they would film themselves having sex. In one, his mom walks in unexpectedly asking: "Shimiken? What is going on here?"

I doubt she would have used his last name... still, being caught by his mom having filmed sex (and why was he living with his mother?), he became even more popular as the nasty boy next door.

Nowadays, Shimiken makes around ¥2,800,000 ($23,573) a week, owns five cars (including a Back-To-The-Future DeLorean, without a flux capacitor), and gets to eat at the best restaurants in Tokyo.

So... eventually, Japanese AV did leave a better taste in his mouth.

Sex addicted, Shimiken says he can envision himself doing what he loves doing forever until he dies.

And he get's paid to have sex legally.

On August of 2015, Shimiken, with partners, opened up a 'joke restaurant' in Tokyo called Curry Shop Shimizu... with the specialty of the house being a curry dish that feels like and tastes like poop.'

To get that texture and flavor, the ingredients used are: onion, carrot, minced chicken, bitter gourd, cocoa powder, bitter Japanese green gentian tea and curry powder, as well as kusaya - a sun-dried salted horse mackerel that smells like dog poo. Oh yeah, it is served in a bowl that looks like a traditional Japanese toilet.

My ex-dog, Buster would have eaten it. I had to give him Listerne strips...
Is he making money from the restaurant? No... high costs, a few curious customers, 90% of whom can actually finish a bowl... but it has it's loyal crowd, many of whom come in to see the reactions of other patrons, as well as to do that typical Japanese thing called 'penalties'.

At least there's no corn or peanuts in it.

Dude... to quote Uncle Scrooge McDuck: "A cobbler should always stick to their last." Do what you do best.

Stick to the sex, Shimiken.

Though, they could make a fortune selling gum... 

Andrew Joseph
PS: Okay, that's it for the Japanese porn for this year...

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