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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Japan's Favorite AV Star - Ria Sakurai

Ria Sakurai, born July 19, 1989, is a retired Japanese AV (adult-video) star who continues to remain one of the most searched for Japanese porn stars on the Internet.

She allegedly retired after the devastating March 11, 2011 earthquake/tsunami that devastated the north east of Japan.

Blood Type:  AB
Height : 1.52 meters - 5'-0";
Weight - not much:
Bust: 80 cm - 31.5"
Waist: 56 cm - 22"
Hips: 82 cm - 32.3".

Her claim to fame is that she looks like a teenager, which means she is very popular in all forms of Japanese porn, as the schoolgirl/Lolita thing really gets the Japanese horn-dog male going.

Personally, it used to get me going - back when I was in high school - but as an adult, I don't understand this Japanese obsession for getting off on boinking anyone that looks like a kid.

Anyhow... born in Akita-ken, Ria was really affected by the devastation of March 11... and suffered what was described as a nervous breakdown. I would assume she lost some people that day...

I've watched some of her movies in an effort to be a better reporter here, and I can tell you that I can't tell if she's acting, which makes her movies that much more believable. No... I didn't say that with a straight face.

Do you know how tough it was to find unadulterated porn pix of a Japanese porn star?

Consider the photos attached your early Christmas present. For my faith female fans, thank you for being understanding, but just know that I'll do something similar on Boxing Day. Guys, you'll still want to read it, because everything is just information. 

For a bio on another famous Japanese female AV star, Erika Sato, click HERE.

Andrew Joseph


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