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Monday, December 21, 2015

Miss Universe Japan 2015 - Miyamoto Ariana - Updated

Miyamoto Ariana Mamiko (宮本 エリアナ 磨美子, surname first, first name, middle name) was born on May 12, 1994 in Nagasaki, Japan.

Her biggest claim to fame, despite being elected Miss Universe Japan 2015, is that she isn't a full-blooded Japanese (whatever that is).

And that's sad.

She is of mixed-race heritage - a hafu (half Japanese and half-Black), thanks to her Japanese mother loving and marrying a Black American man named Bryant Stanfield, who was stationed at the United States Navy base in Sasebo-shi in Nagasaki-ken.

Not a big deal to most people on the planet, but in 2015 Japan, it was and still IS a big deal to some.

I won't get into that whole hafu (Half) crap thing here, because to me it has no place or bearing on Miyamoto as Miss Universe Japan, regardless of how the country feels. She was chosen to represent Japan because for that competition, she was the best candidate. 'nuff said.

Except that I applaud the Miss Universe Japan committee for having the balls and decency to overlook race, and simply choose the best Miss Universe Japan person they could choose. There's hope for Japan, yet.

Although Ariana-chan went to school in Japan, she left at age 13 to go and live with her father in Jacksonville, Arkansas... which when you think of it, isn't the most cosmopolitan of all the cities in the U.S. I do have a friend - Black dude - who married his White wife and have mixed race kids in Arkansas... and he said to me that although they still get looks from people, it's not as bad as one might suspect. He and his family are quite in love with Arkansas and its people. Amen, brother.

Ariana-chan went to high school there for two years, but did return after that to Japan where - no she didn't go back to high school right away - she worked at odd jobs, including as a bartender... which makes me wonder how old you have to be to work serving drinks in a bar in Japan.

Although endowed with typical Japanese features as black hair and brown eyes, she is tall and lithe at 1.73-meters (5'-8")... and as you can see from the various photos, possesses a... what's the polite way of saying it?... screw it... a big set of cans. I'm a behind guy, so while impressive, her bosom is merely a bosom to me.

Weight, three-sizes (Bust-Waist-Hips): no idea. Blood-type: Really? No idea. I don't believe she has a boyfriend, though.

Ariana-chan, doesn't consider herself to be anything except Japanese... it's where she was born, grew up, speaks the language...

She has been called in the Japanese media as "saishoku kenbi (a woman with intelligence and beauty)"... but dammit, isn't that what all of the Miss Universe contestants, Japanese or otherwise, are?

She is also very good at Japanese calligraphy (書道, shodō), having achieved a rank of 5th degree mastery.

After the bartending gig, she decided to get into modeling... in Japan, believe it or not, on television and in other media, a lot of the female models are biracial. Fug... I hate that term.

Anyhow, she is beautiful... and as such, she was convinced to also try her hand in the beauty pageant biz, and on March 12, 2015, Ariana-chan was named Miss Universe Japan 2015 (Miss Japan 2015).

I don't even know how to say this, except: I don't give a crap if a person is Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Blue (be happy) or Green or take your pick of any of the Pantone colors out there, and I believe the same holds true for the judges at the Miss Universe pageant.

However... for the sake of racial tolerance - and the whole "I-told-you'we needed-a-more-Japanese-looking-Miss-Universe"... I hope Ariana-chan at least makes it mast the Preliminary round or wins one of the ancillary awards. I hope, of course, that she does so on her own merits.

Things haven't been easy for Ariana-chan, growing up in Japan, because of her gaijin 'look'. Here are some of her comments on what it has been like for her:
  • "I was called a nigger by some of my peers. Some of them threw trash and even a blackboard duster at me."
  • "I’m Japanese through and through, but in Japan if you look “foreign” you are often not accepted as Japanese. But I am Japanese – 100 percent."
  • "Skin color bears no relationship to what a person is. It’s just one of the differences like wearing blue clothes or wearing red clothes."
  • "I have no objections against the word ‘hafu’ and I accept myself as being hafu."
  • "With so little multiculturalism in Japan, the term is somehow understandable, although it has made me wonder who I am at times."
I don't agree that she need consider herself as 'hafu'. She need only consider herself to be Ariana.

That type of crap happens to lots of people who don't fit the 'majority' societal 'look'. Me, too, and perhaps, you as well.

I think it's getting better, though sometimes it's not. When you write a blog like this, one gets a few yahoos from time to time who like to anonymously spew their racial hatred... such as this one comment I got last month:

"You are not a "brown skinned Canadian". Canadians are white! You are an east indian parasite that happened to be born in Canada! You will always be indian so don't try to pass yourself off as anything else!"

Wow... I shouldn't even be considered a Canadian because I'm not White. The original Canadians, of course, were/are Brown, so it makes me wonder what the heck that bozo is talking about. You know... the other Indians... feather, not the dot... my band of brothers.

What I love the most about it all, is the fact that this person and his racist taunts is bothering to read a blog about Japan. Oh well... I tracked that person down via the IP address and know who it is and where they live.

For the record, I wasn't even born in Canada, but in England... you know, the mother country of Canada. God save the Queen. I've never even been to India... don't speak the language... and like the food as much as the next person, honestly stating I've eaten such cuisine maybe less than 30 times in my life, and only at the urging of my friends.

And yeah, I get these comments often enough that it almost shakes my faith in humanity... and then I remember it's the Internet where so many people feel brave to voice their angry, racist opinions. I voice an opinion, but I at least put my real name to it. Whatever. Right or wrong, people are allowed to have an opinion.

Miyamoto Ariana... she has a whole country either rooting for her or hoping she fails. That's tough, and I wish her luck in all her endeavors.

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By the time you read this, the Miss Universe 2015 pageant will be over... it being held December 20, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA... where I got married in 2001. Talk about gambling... my own personal space odyssey.

And... Holy Crap - she got a Top10 finish!!!! She actually came in 10th place out of 80 contestants! Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines was crowned Miss Universe 2015. Congrats!

Andrew Joseph
PS: Yes... I should have done this biography back in March when she was first elected Miss Universe Japan 2015. But she's worth the wait, eh?


  1. She's beautiful and she identifies herself as Japanese which is all that really matters. (And the racist comments directed at you -- a true case of Internet balls.)

    The Steve Harvey fiasco, though ... SMH! Though some have called it BS publicity stunt.

    1. Stunt? No... that was career suicide. Could he really have been asked to make such an error on purpose... destroying another person in the process, along with himself? No...
      As for the stuff about me... while not appreciated, it comes with the territory.
      Like myself, I'm sure you've felt crap like from time to time. Or... maybe not.

  2. Is Chan not a Chinese name? Honestly asking.

    1. An excellent question. Chan is, more often than not a Chinese surname. However... in this case, 'chan' was in lowercase. Chan is used in Japanese language as a way to make a name feminine... while using the FIRST name, not the surname. So rather than calling your wife Amie-san, we could call her Amie-chan. You would be Julien-kun... the tern used for masculine.
      Close friends and family would use those 'honorifics.'
      Good question, and I should have provided an explanation in the article. My bad, Julien-kun.

  3. Hmmm. That's very interesting. Thank you for the explanation. I feel smarter now.