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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Living With Dogs

This blog is for Alice, who likes her dogs.

I've had dogs in my life since I was two-years-old, and excluding the past two years and my three years in Japan, I've had a dog around me every single day.

Dogs, like children, gravitate towards me, which I think speaks well for my general likeability.

I have had cats these past two years, and while I certainly enjoy the fact that the late Daphne and current Freddy were/are extremely friendly, I do miss having a dog around, but I do like watching Scooby-Doo. (Daphne & Freddy are two characters from that long-time mostly animated gem about a talking dog and his mystery-solving human gang.)

I've had three Cocker Spaniels (one English blue roan, and two American); four Rottweilers (three owned at the same time - the house was never safer); and one Chocolate Labrador. Two of my Rottweilers lived to be 17+ years old.

All the dogs I've had can best be described as sucks. Friendly, as long as I was near by. Tough, when no family member was close. Seriously... with the three Rottweilers... while there was a brief moment in time when almost all the houses in the area where being hit by thieves, ours was rightly left alone.

Every once in a while when I would do some lawn work, I would stake them out on the front year on a leash so everyone could see that they should give the place a wide berth. Pity the protection didn't extend to my neighbors.

When I called all my dogs 'sucks', I meant that at no time were they kept to be guard dogs. They were sucky, licky doggies... who would go through a wall to protect you. Maybe not the Cocker Spaniels... but they would go through a wall just to eat out of an exposed garbage can or to roll in something disgusting. Only the Chocolate Labrador was dumb enough to try and make friends with a skunk. I smelled for days afterwards, as I had to get close and personal to get that tomato juice deep into his double layer of hair... and I swear the stench attached itself to my nose hairs for weeks after.

In Japan, I never had a dog, and would never have got one unless I knew I would be spending the rest of my life there.

But many of the families in houses surrounding my apartment building had dogs.

One thing I never understood while in Japan, was the need for Japanese families in my suburbanite hamlet in Japan, to have a dog, own no grass in the yard, keep the dog outside all the time, allow it to bark constantly, only letting it in at night, but out again early in they morning.

I'm not the world's greatest dog-owner (or anything, for that matter), but that doesn't sound like a great life for the dog.

Long time ago, I wrote a blog… written from the dog's perspective - HERE. Go ahead, click it... it's from one of my earliest ever blogs. My 24th, I believe. I've written over 3,000 blogs here... 3,010, as of today (two others were written by a guest blogger).

Tomorrow, let's take a look at one of those cool Japanese breed of dogs most people have never heard of.

Andrew Joseph
PS: No… I'm not getting lazy… I'm actually a week ahead in the blog-writing department as I write this… and some of these babies take a lot of research and time to compose. Okay, not that long to compose because I write straight from wherever my thoughts come from (brainzzzz!)… but the research… that can take minutes to go through. Actually, it took longer to find the old dog blog than it took to write this blog. Research.

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