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Monday, January 25, 2016

Origins Of Methamphetamine And Crystal Meth

I've never taken meth or crystal meth or methamphetamine nor whatever you want to call that psycho-stimulant recreational drug.

I have found that my reality is waaaaay more messed up than other people's drug-addled fantasy. But… to each their own. I'm preachy but not judgey.

Having never taken methamphetamine (also known as 'speed', I can only go by what I read as to what the experience is like.

As a recreational drug, it is known to lift one's mood and increase one's sexual desire—pretty sure I don't need any chemical help with that desire… still, it in creases the sexual desire to the point where users are able to engage in sexual activity continuously for several days.

Again… I've done that… at least for the evening and night, but then had to go to work before coming home to start anew… and even with the respite (no sleep), it was tough on the body.

Even just pounding away for hours, let alone 47 minutes can be a sours of discomfort for the women.

Have you—the man—ever received the tap on the shoulder telling you they've orgasmed and orgasmed heavily and have had enough? Sucks… but it's happened… the tap is to let you know that you—the man—can finish "any time now". End quote.

Apparently methamphetamine tends to inhibit ejaculation. Greeeeat.

I was the type of guy who, when he wore a condom, had little sensitivity… y'know… down there… so I could go for hours without ejaculation. Add in the fact that I could orgasm without ejaculating (male multiple orgasm - it's real… simply squeeze the pubococcygeus muscle), so me ever using meth would be a complete waste of money.

Anyhow… in order to have sex continually for several days (why?), repeated doses of meth would need to be consumed. The downside, beside being rubbed raw, is the crash… major sleep, bro.

What other neat things can meth do for you?

Well, it suppresses the appetite. What? Don't eat, lose weight from all that sweaty sex? Sounds like win-win. 

What else? Dilated pupils (no biggie); flushed skin (it would have been anyways from all the sex you imagine you are going to get from taking it); lots and lots of sweating (no big deal for anyone except the person under you in your sex romp - should you actually be having sex); dry mouth (uh… have your partners spit in your mouth); teeth grinding (helps the economy as you now get the dental industry involved), meth mouth (crappy teeth - more economy); headaches (that's what aspirin and cocaine is for); irregular heartbeat (it's not the excessive sex?), rapid breathing (ibid), high-blood pressure (that sucks); low-blood pressure (well, which is it?… wait it varies?); high body temperature (hence the sweats or flushed skin?); diarrhea (these are all things that happened from prolonged use, and not WHILE you are high on it, right? - because who wants to have sex for days if you have the squirts?), constipation (which is it - poops, no poops!?); twitching (ooh, seen that!); numbness (I got nothing); tremors (if this was happening while you were in day five of your orgy, would you notice?); dry skin (that's because you've been bouncing for days!… of course your naughty parts are going to be dry… waitaminute… I though there was sweaty sweat?), acne (zits… sigh, who wants those again?); and paleness (I just don't see it on me, but perhaps I would look ashen).

So… it sounds like a whole lotta contraindicative side effects just to have constant sex for a week.

So… why am I writing about this?

Well… Japanese chemist Nagayoshi Nagai (長井 長義, surname first) was the first person to synthesize methamphetamine from ephedrine back in 1893…
Dr. Nagayoshi Nagai in 1917.

Nagai (August 8, 1844 - February 10, 1929) was born in the Myodo District of Awa-ken in what is now Tokushima-ken.

He was the son of a doctor and started studying rangaku, which is the Dutch or western-style of medicine at the Dutch Medical School of Nagasaki (Igaku-Denshusho) in 1864.

He continued to study, because some people like being professional students to try and pick-up all of the college girls… oh! and the keggers!

He also studied at the University of Berlin in 1871; was the only civilian in a group of military students sent to study in Great Britain and France, traveling there via the United States - and all to learn more about the latest in medical knowledge from other countries; took up organic chemistry in 1873; married German chick Theresa Schumacher, and they had a son, Alexander, who worked as a diplomat at the Japan Embassy in Berlin, Germany until 1945.

Dr. Nagai returned to Japan in 1883 at the request of Japan's government, working at the Tokyo Imperial University as a professor of pharmacology (he was Japan's first ever Doctor of Pharmacy, by the way) and, concurrently, as a director of the Tokyo Hygienic Laboratory of the Health and Medical Bureau of the Interior Ministry.

In 1885, Nagai was serving as chief engineer at a laboratory of Dainippon Pharmaceutical Company (nowadays, it is Sumitomo Daibippon Pharma Co., Ltd.), which was then a sort of governmental organization…

His researched revolved around the traditional Japanese and Chinese herbal remedies by doing chemical analysis on them.

Don't pooh-pooh the old ways, Grasshopper. Aspirin = willow bark; anti-malaria drugs = sweet wormwood; mood stabilizer = St. John's wort … heck about 1/4 of all modern medicines are derived from natural products, many of which were first used in traditional remedies.

While examining an essence extracted from wild ma hung (a medicinal plant whose name translates to 'hemp yellowed', but is known by its scientific name of Ephedra sinica - this plant, by the way, does NOT grow wild in Japan), he found a crystalline substance visible to the naked eye.

Looking at its chemical structure, Nagai isolated the alkaloid ephedrine hydrochloride, and then with his team figured out its chemical structure.

This was ephedrine… a mild stimulant you might have seen in the standard weight-loss pills. For some reason, it was also one of those few drugs people of the Mormon faith could use.

By 1893, they were able to create methamphetamine from it.

The Japanese were back at it again, when in 1919, when Nagai protege Ogata Akira (surname first) was able to synthesize a crystallized methamphetamine which was purer and thus stronger.

This was, and is, Crystal meth…

But that wasn't why amphetamine's were being looked it. It was originally intended to provide relief for those suffering from asthma and as a sinus decongestant, and by the 1930s, it was used as such... except...  

... if you wanted to get stoned, a person could remove their inhaler amphetamine strips… soak it in coffee… drink the coffee… and, like… wow… go-go-Go-GO!!!

Okay… that's it for the Japanese connection.

But, it is interesting to note that Nazi Germany (in WWII) gave out methamphetamine in tablet form via the brand name Pervitin… and was apparently used by all branches of the German armed forces.

Hitler was taking injections from his physician Theodor Morell by 1942… but by then the guy who ruined a perfectly good mustache style (think Charlie Chaplin and Oliver Wendell Hardy) was a raging bag of STD (sexually-transmitted diseases).

While the Pervitin (Perv-it-in. Heh.) did not entice the Nazi's to orgy out with Allies, it did help keep the soldiers awake.

The soldiers nicknamed the methamphetamine: Stuka-Tablets (Stuka-Tabletten) and Hermann-Göring-Pills (Hermann-Göring-Pillen).

I can't confirm this, but apparently kamikaze pilots were given methamphetamine tablets, too. There was supposed to be such a large volume of pills left over, that it was dispensed to the local Japanese population.

Similar in chemical structure, American soldiers took Benzedrine during WWII… but who the fug knows if any of that stuff is true.

I would need to see hard evidence of those WWII and post WWII claims… so for now… let's call those all unsubstantiated rumors.

So… what's the moral of the story?

Just say no to drugs, kiddies, stay in school, and go into pharmaceutical chemistry. Not political science or journalism like some blog writers.

Somewhere doing the speed limit,
Andrew Joseph

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  1. Just say no to drugs kiddy. Or become a respectable scientist and create highly addictive substance. On the one side you're looked at as a druggy and a low life and on the other hand your a wicked smart scientist who invents crazy drugs. How weird.