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Friday, February 26, 2016

Nissan's Intelligent Parking Chair

Inspired by Nissan's Parking Assist technology and Wi-Fi, now it's no biggie whenever one has to make everything neat again in the office or school.

Clap one's hands (or do the one-hand clap), and wheeled office-type chairs will park themselves in the appropriate place under the desk.

Boardrooms, university classrooms (high school or under, kids would be wheeling themselves everywhere… come to thin of it… maybe just university grad students), the office… clap your hands and the place is neat and tidy… except for your desk, of course… and the fact that someone might be coming later to vacuum the place, so they still have to pull all the chairs out again… but what luck, one clap and they can all move back into place under the desk.

So… will a chair move if there is someone in it? I'm guessing no… but who knows if the technology goes bad via SkyNet? Death and pancakes, baby - plus automatic termination.

What if the chairs are scattered around the side of a office… if you clap will the chairs move back into place, fighting other chairs for the ideal spot, or does each chair have a pre-programmed spot to enter?

Let's see:

Hmm… it appears to be pre-programmed… and there is no jockeying for position, rather a first come-first served chair parking mentality.

Very cool.

Is it necessary? No… of course not. But yes, it could save someone a bit of time when it comes to tidying up.

Could these chair be modified to do racing down the corridors? Could humans bet on them? Could we eventually see hotlines for chair racing addicts?

In case you haven'y guessed, the video and the chairs was made to show off the Parking Assist technology for the Nissan automobile.

Will you be able to purchase these chairs for your office? Maybe one day… but again, that's not what the video is about.

Thanks for the story, Julien!

Clap for the Wolfman,
Andrew Joseph
PS: Not sure who wrote the song Clap For The Wolfman? Guess Who…


  1. The real fun will be when someone hacks into the President's chair. Spin that baby until the boss pukes.

  2. Seems like a bit of a frivolous expense to get a chair that can park itself. With a bit of conscientiousness, people can do that themselves! It's just a matter of making the effort to be neat!

    1. I know, eh... what's the big deal to have people put a chair away.
      I don't believe this is something for public consumption, but was really done to demonstrate Nissan's parking assist technology.
      Thanks for reading and writing in.