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Friday, March 25, 2016

333 Whales Captured By Japan For Science Experiments

Uh yeah… WTF does Japan need 333 minke whales for?

According to media reports, Japan has killed 333 whales as part of a previously concocted master plan, that apparently involves 'scientific research'.

Yeah... I call bullsh!t.

I have seen a CNN report that Japan says it has killed these 333 whales, 230 of which were female with 90 percent of those being pregnant. Wow... that's cold.

Beginning December 1, 2015, four survey ships from Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research were sailing in the Antarctic region for 115 days. 

Here's the thing… in 2014, the United Nations said in an official ruling that the 'scientific' whaling activity down there was a Japanese front for commercial whale hunts.

Back in November of 2014, Japan wasn't even trying to hide its plan.

The government of Japan actually released a plan which said as much: HERE

I'll cut through the blubber to get to the good stuff: It's a 12-year plan to net Japan a total of 3,996 caught (and killed whales) in the Antarctic, including waters claimed by Australia.

That 3,996 total over 12 years means Japan will be slaughtering 333 creatures a year.

Again... what sort of scientific research needs to be done that involves slaughtering whales over a 12-year period?

Now… that is still a huge reduction in Japan's whaling activities.

The year before that plan was released, Japan's official target was 855 minke, 50 humpback and 10 fin whales—but it was unable to attain those harpoon goals after its vessels were harassed by anti-whaling activist Sea Shepherd.

During 2015, however, Japan halted its whaling in the name of science, after both New Zealand and Australia claimed that Japan's so-called scientific research was bullish!t. They used a more polite term official, but if I know my Aussies and Kiwis, my term was more correct.

Even so… with the recent scientific whaling activity from December 2015 to present, it appears as though Japan is up to its old tricks again.

I betcha that there is research being done on all those dead whales…

"Yup… that whale is wet."
"Suzuki-san… is that whale wet?"
"Yes, this whale is also wet."
"San-ofu-a-beach, whales are wet!"

This is from a previous year's Minke whale slaughter by Japan's so-called research ships. Photo by the Daily Telegraph.
Then, research complete, they have all those dead whales lying about… might as well do something with them rather than feed the sharks… so:

"Hey Suzuki-san (a different one), we need to dispose of the scientific research into smaller pieces that could fit in a can on a grocery shelf or a quarter plate."

You get the picture.

After the bogus 'research', the dead whales are further processed, packed in ice, and then taken to an onshore facility for more refined further processing into whale sashimi or some canned whale product.

I have eaten both while in Japan… and all I can say is… its flavor is not worth creating Star Trek IV.

In the old days, in places in Japan where protein sources were sparse during the winter, getting said protein from whale meat was indeed a viable solution.

I can also understand that when that was no longer necessarily the sole option for protein amongst those segregated populations, the allure of whale sperm for oil and other perfume technologies was a financial boon.

But nowadays? This is just another bullsh!t excuse for the Japanese to pretend eating whale is part of their heritage... their culture.

So was beating up one's wife. So was lynching. So was unequal pay for women doing the same job as men... of wait, that still happens...

But the point is... we're supposed to evolve as a species... maybe one should actually care about a cultural heritage that one can be globally proud of.

Japan... such a wonderful place... modern... with an eye to the future... and a lazy stuck focused on the past.

Time to grow up and do a better job as part of the global community.

Imagine having to lie to the world claiming you are doing scientific research, when all you want to do is kill something for something as inglorious as a nod to the past that didn't even concern the majority of the country at any point in time... that's right... as I said before, most of Japan in the past did not need to kill a whale to get its protein.

Sanctions should be enforced upon Japan by member countries of the United Nations. No... not until they promise (again) to stop the slaughter of whales, but as a penalty for their continued lies in regards why they are being slaughtered.

Scientific research? Yeah... maybe to see just how many whales it takes before the United Nations gets off its butt and starts acting like a real group of united nations.

This almost makes we want to stop writing about Japan.

Eat more tofu.
Andrew Joseph

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