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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Japan Joins My 100K Club & Five Years Later

At long last, Japan has joined Japan-It's A Wonderful Rife's 100,000 club... that is to say over 100,000 views of this blog have originated in Japan.

It's the third-highest country total for me, falling in behind the United States and its 890,000+ and Canada at 228,000+... but Japan's numbers are exciting to me.

I know that it's not just English native speakers who read it as they live in Japan, it's also native Japanese speakers who perhaps want a different view on things... a view from the outside.

I am obviously pro-Japanese... pro-human being actually, and try to present fair and accurate views (granted, often my own view) on things about Japan, and try to explain why I have those views carefully.

I make mistakes, and am glad when readers take the time to correct me or at least point me in the correct direction.

I also love the fact that some people ask me for advice... a complete stranger... like I know something, or can impart some sort of wisdom to them. I can, of course, but it is only, as ever, just my opinion, and ultimately, their decision on how to proceed next.

This blog has afforded me the opportunity to talk with many interesting people over the past six+ years, many of whom I count as good, solid friends.

Heck, I know most of my cadre of friends in Toronto could care less about what I have to say about blah-blah-blah Japan, so having a chance to converse, albeit it usually through e-mail and this blog, is refreshing for me.

Just yesterday, I chatted with a buddy of mine, who lives in Japan and has done so for 20+ years... to get a chance to ask what things were like on March 11, 2016 - five years removed from the big earthquake and tsunami that hit the northeast.

Mike Rogers - despite the name - is Japanese, with and American father, and as such can offer a unique look at life in Japan - see his blog when you're done here.

I asked Mike what was going on in Japan that day, and he says, there were prayers and such in the morning - odd he notes, because the disaster hit later in the afternoon five years ago - and then life pretty much was business as usual for the Japanese. Of course, those who did lose loved ones that day may have had a different view, but Mike's opinion is that Japan while still thinking of that day, has moved on.

I like to dwell in the past. It's important for me to recall the past - so many crappy and wonderful things happened in the past. It's my life.

But I also look forward to what the next day, or rather what will happen now...

For all you readers out there - keep reading, please keep asking questions - of everything to anyone, and we (proverbial we) will see what we can come up with next.

By the way, the United Kingdom is up next and closing fast at nearly 99,000 blog views.

Maybe one day, I'll tell you what the 10 most common searches are that leads readers/viewers to this blog.

Andrew Joseph

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