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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Love Doll Exhibition In Tokyo

First things first… I don't believe for an instant that seeing this exhibit makes one a pervert.

We're talking abstract art. Art that involves Love Dolls… those life-like creatures that are meant to provide lonely men the opportunity to enjoy female company with being judged, and perhaps , if they are lucky, something to ejaculate into.

Now… this, as I said is art… It's an exhibit at the Vanilla Gallery (B2F, 8-10-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku) in Tokyo being held April 26-30, 2016, that will allow the visitor to stare at the newest creations from Orient Industry, a manufacturer of the Love Doll brand of plastic fantastic lovers.

I had thought that a plastic fantastic lover was a television (as based on an old Jefferson Airplane rock song) or perhaps something like my ex-German sex bomb, Katarin, who liked to dress in squeaky PVC when we'd venture out in public together… but sure… a Love Doll. (That PVC-thing will have to wait another 20 years before I can talk about something called Topsoil Loser.)

At the exhibition, you'll note that Orient Industry has come out with Love Dolls of various female shapes and sizes. Nothing wrong with that - I, myself, love women in all their various shapes and sizes.

I do, however, find the Love Doll below to be disconcerting, as it has too much of a child-like quality… making it all… or at least anyone who purchases said Lolita, as someone who might enjoy kiddie porn.
She's not real. Love Doll by Orient Industries.
I'm sure that the Love Doll is not one that is supposed to be a teenager, but rather an adult Love Doll dressed and painted up to as appear as something underage… which, when it comes to an inmate object amounts to the same thing as kiddie porn.

Seriously… it creeps me out.

Perhaps I have always preferred the more mature quail ever since I saw my friend's Lithuanian goddess of a mother oiled up in a bikini when I was 12... excuse me for a moment.

Still… despite the depicted youth of that Love Doll, at least it is fully clothed.

The Love Doll exhibition are modeled on portraits by Ikenaga Yasanari (surname first), and is curated by art critic Yamashita Yuji (surname first)… so it's not as gauche as one might fear… as it is presented in an elegant, high-art manner, and not with the Love Dolls splayed showing off their naughty bits.

The artist has taken dolls manufactured by Orient Industry, improved on the make-up and dressed them up artistically.

Why? Art.

If she talks to you at night, you've gone crazy. She's a doll, all right, but despite her ability to love you until you die, she doesn't really love you, and is making goo-goo eyes at your spatula.
You have to be at least 18-years-of-age to enter, but visitors do receive a special companion leaflet that explains what Orient Industry is all about, has interviews, creation methods and, of course, more artwork. 

Entrance Cost is ¥1,000 - ~CDN $11.66 or US $8.95 or €7.97 or AUS $11.71 or MYR 35.64… so really… not that much to view the goods. I mean art.

If you so desire, you can check out the Japanese-language website for the Vanilla Gallery here:

Andrew Joseph
PS: Thanks, Matthew!

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